Our Programs

  • African Changemakers Fellowship: For sustainability of our vision and mission, African Changemakers continues to develop the next social entrepreneurs through training, mentorship and connected to a global network of changemakers.

  • Work with Changemakers: African Changemakers showcase social entrepreneurs project/initiative here to give them more visibility and global exposure with hope that it will attract investors and funders to help them scale.

  • Hire Changemakers: Public and private organizations have the opportunity to outsource jobs to African Changemakers members who are have various organizational skills and expertise you can leverage on to add value to your organization bottom-line.

  • Changemakers Ecosystem Exchange: We bring together social entrepreneurs across the world annually to experience, share, learn, create, connect and forge more strong network of changemakers.

  • Changemakers Awards: African Changemakers identify social entrepreneurs in every communities whose work or influence is making impact in the lives of people and beyond.

  • Changemakers Community: African Changemakers Community are lead by passionate individuals who are committed to organizing and mobilizing  people to be change agent in their community by working on different social innovations for societal benefit. We also partner with exiting local and global tech and entrepreneurship hubs for our members to work and leverage on existing resources and network with people on ground to get advice, collaborate and network with other changemakers.

  • Changemakers Advocacy: African Changemakers get involved in various social issues to create awareness, education and solutions.

  • Changemakers Stories: The world want to hear your humble changemaking beginnings, what motivate and challenge you to do what you do as a social entrepreneur. Share your stories with us to share with the world below.

  • Offers & Opportunity: There is power in sharing and we believe every individual has something, no matter how small or insignificant it is, someone, somewhere needs that thing, resources, information, service, products as opportunity to leverage on. Everyone one must have something other social entrepreneurs can leverage on to move their career or business to the next level if you can only share. We a believer of “Your Network is Your Networth”.