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African ChangeMakers Initiative programs matters now more than ever to empower, transform and impact African youth, women, girl’s across the 54 African countries and communities as they learn, unlearn and re-learn to compete on global stage with their skill-set.

We Educate — Enlightens — Encourage — Engage — Empower

We welcome donors & patrons worldwide to support African ChangeMakers Initiative (ACi) through kind and in-kind donations. These will play an important role, making it possible for us to conduct many programs and activities throughout the year and years to come. African ChangeMakers Programs – Fellowship Program, Mentorship Program, Academy, Women Network, Awards, Leadership Summit, Meet-Ups, Magazine and much more.

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Your donation will give us the opportunity to make a significant impact in empowering more African youth, women, girls who want to develop their human capacity skills, leadership skills, innovative & entrepreneurial skills, communities’ and overall career development.

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Donate to support all African Changemakers Programs Below.

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  • $60 (Equivalent of  ₦20,000)                $1,500 (Equivalent of $ ₦500,000)
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