What is African ChangeMakers Event?

We have to types of Event in African ChangeMakers;

  1. African ChangeMakers Leadership Summit (ACLeads), organized annually by African ChangeMakers ONLY.
  2. African ChangeMakers Meet-Up (ACMeet-Up) FREELY organized by ACFellow, Alumni, Members, Partners, Community Leaders of African ChangeMakers in their community/country. 

African ChangeMakers Leadership Summit (ACLeads) is a signature annual event organized by fostering in-person connections of a unique gathering of changemakers, game-changers, agent of change, impact-makers, movers and shakers of enterprise and innovation from every corner of Africa, diaspora and beyond meeting face-to-face to discuss business, technology, social issues and ways to problems with innovative solutions which they embarked on to make real change, progress and impact across Africa and beyond.


African ChangeMakers Meet-Up (ACMeet-Up) is a face-to-face/offline  gathering fostering in-person connection as a way of strengthening communities, networking, collaboration and leveraging on each other skills, potentials and creating opportunities to pitch ideas, workshops and open doors of opportunities to Africa youth women and girl’s development. African ChangeMakers Meet-Up (ACMeet-Up) are FREELY organize by any individuals, ACFellows, Alumni, Members, Partners, Organization Community Leaders and so on.

#ACMeet-Up requires advance planning by everyone to have a successful outcome and impact. African Changemakers wants to remind people that there is no one-size-fit-all approach to what you can organize or plan during your group meet-up. It’s basically a period of amplifying your group, yourself, career, business, and having fun at the same time to network, form collaborations and forge a strong Africa network.

Just get creative about designing your group online/offline meetup, make it yours by thinking outside the box to stand out and be uniquely different. Remember to notify African Changemakers team so that we can notify All AC Members in your country to join your ACMeeUp. Take plenty pictures and videos to share with us via social media platform.