African Changemakers Mentorship – #ACMentorship2018

African ChangeMakers MENTORSHIP

Our Mantra: Catch them Young, Leaders of Today, not Tomorrow.


July 15 – July 21, 2018

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What is Ability? It is the possession of the means or skill to do something. Talent, skill, or proficiency in a particular area.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” —  Margaret Mead

African ChangeMakers Mentorship (ACMentorship2018) was a great success across communities and countries in Africa. A big thank you to all ACMentorship2018 Host/Organizers, AC Mentors, AC Community Leaders and Mentees who participated in this year event to make it a success. ACMentorship2018 took place as both in-person and virtual event across Africa communities, where mentors engaged mentees sharing their various expertise, skills and knowledge with mentees. Creating an open-forum event where mentees open up to share their life career/business challenges and life limitation and mentors worked with mentees through how to navigate their career, business and personal development using various strategies, tools and applications.

Miss Sharon Adisa (ACMentor) explained what African Changemakers Organization was and why we had come to visit. Thereafter, Miss Patricia Onduu started off on Academic mentoring. She introduced to the students a study technique known as an Alibi study technique (AST). This study technique emphasizes on group work and achieving set targets both individually and as a group. It encourages peer teaching and teamwork.The mentorship sessions revolved around the following topics; • Peer pressure • Sex Education • Menstrual Hygiene • Discipline and Respect • Assertiveness • Career choices • Life goals • Women In Technology We finally took the noble chance to distribute sanitary towels to each of the girls since one of the issues raised by most of them was lack of sanitary towels which was causing a lot of absenteeism from class. 

The ACMentorship2018 participants were empowered with information in leadership, women economic power, entrepreneurship, civic engagement, public speaking, career development, digital empowerment and social media. Mentees were given opportunities to present on various topics of interest to displace their public speaking skills, confidence and self-esteem.

As we bring ACMentorship2018 events to a close and look forward to another great event next year, 2019, AC Team want to use this opportunity to appreciate all our ACMentorship2018 Host/Organizers, AC Mentors, AC Community Leaders and mentees that made this year event possible with certificate and badges in the video and picture album. Thank you so much for making a difference in the lives of African youth, women and girls in your communities.


See you next year 2019 for another great event of African ChangeMakers Mentorship Program 2019, for sponsorship and partnership please contact us immediately at

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mĕn’ – tŏr: a wise and trusted counselor or teacher.

As A Mentor: African Changemakers is challenging you to step-up your game in 2018 in every areas of your life skills, expertise and experience to supercharge your ability and double your efforts to mentor others (youth, women,men, teen boys & girls) in your community, somebody, somewhere helped you and open doors of opportunity for you to get to where you are in life. Why not “PAY IT FORWARD” to others? #iamthechangeAFRICA. 

As A Mentee: African Changemakers is challenging you to step-up your game and double your efforts in 2018 and beyond in every areas of your life that needs development and improvement by connecting with a mentor at ACMentorship events (either online or face-to-face event) to learn skills, expertise and experience from mentors in your community/country. #iamthechangeAFRICA.