What do you do with 70 pages of over 200 testimonials from ACFellows Cohort 2 about their 5 weeks experiences of African ChangeMakers Fellowship Program from a single training?. Other than to share it with the world to read along with us, keep us motivated to keep impacting more lives. AC Team was not prepared for the high numbers of testimonials we received, we were blown away and tearing up with emotions as we began to read them one by one and still unable to finish reading all. A big thank you to all Cohort 2 participants for believing in African ChangeMakers and giving us your time to learn together. HAPPY READING.

The African ChangeMakers Program has been an eye opener for me. I have learnt a great deal. I thought I had learnt enough from partaking of the YALI RLC Emerging Leadership Program until I began the ACFellowship training; where I discovered I hadn’t. To be sincere, I have been doing online courses, but ACFellowship course materials are unique and easy to comprehend; not only that, they take you through step by step guide, as though a coach were physically guiding you through. I might be underestimating if I say I have fully maximized the resourcefulness of these materials- I simply had to do a scan through to supply answers to the assignments, but the true value of the information therein will help me, when after the program, I begin to work on my plans. I am confident that I will be led to success when I scrupulously follow them every step of the way.

ACFellowship program has boosted my confidence and assured me I can become successful in my vision. Within just 5 weeks, I have confidently applied for the kind of opportunities, I normally shied away from and have got positive responses from a number of them. It was during the program where I deliberately took a decision to become a self-led leader, worthy of emulation and my attitude has changed at work and every other aspect of life- and it is not only attracting higher respect but given me and inner feeling of fulfillment.

The case studies in the ACFellowship notes were my favorite. I loved to read them thoroughly and draw lessons from them. The story of Anjali forming ‘Picture It’ to establish a library at the Pediatric Ward of the Chennai Cancer Institute from the in-kind donations of community dwellers inspired me to revisit my plans to establish a youth hub in my community. I intend to use her concept to get it accomplished. Already, I have applied fundraising techniques learnt to draw more funders to me, educate less privileged children program and it has been amazing how people have donated to contribute to the educational needs of the children under my program.

Finally, at ACFellowship program I have been privileged to meet and network with resourceful Changemakers from different part of the country. One of which is Mr Thuku Kariuki, from Kenya who now assists me in producing videos for my United Nations Online Volunteer job at Women for Development NGO in Armenia. I have also been opportune to make recommendations and sign up for AC projects/programs, and I see these programs becoming very great and successful in the nearest future.
AKO OKU – Nigeria

ACFellowship has proven to be a critical tool in building and shaping Africa’s next generation of innovative future leaders in different spheres. It’s been a wholesome experience going through five uninterrupted weeks of rigorous but rich online resources cutting across different dimensions of entrepreneurship and leadership development. With proper guidance, support and mentorship, African youths are ready to make the difference any day any time. I really appreciate the lessons learned and the networking relationships build across board. Viva Africa! I am proud, I am challenged. Long Live African Changemakers.
– Philip Kirme Velshik – ACFellow Cohort 2 (Nigeria).

To participate in the ACFellowship 2018 was a big opportunity for me, due to the quality of teachings I received. My life was at the crossroad and lacked vision, but my attendance at this fellowship gave me a new orientation to life. I became another mother, another wife, another colleague and collaborator, in fact the best version of myself. From now on I got back my confidence, my will and my optimism has been revived. I am grateful to this program and I have registered back to the University to obtain a research Master’s degree in Economic Sociology and intend to do a PHD. Thanks again for this human lifechanging program and I wish long life to the African Changemakers Fellowship.
SONGA Alice – Cameroon

The day I came across the announcement of African ChangeMakers Fellowship Program, I had hesitated to apply because I had applied to other several programs but my level of English did not allow me to be selected as I think. When I learnt that I was selected for African ChangeMakers Fellowship Program, I was very happy because I was finally going to learn new things, especially on pitching and fundraising. I am still convinced that language is not a barrier to such programs, that’s why I am proud of African ChangeMakers Fellowship Program for giving me the opportunity to represent the women of my country Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo). We have always said that we must have equal opportunities for men and women. but I also believe that we can be as equal as Francophones and Anglophones. Today a lot of useful technologies allow us to follow such programs even in languages ​​that we do not master well. I thank you African ChangeMakers for this opportunity and I believe you will also blossom in the francophone space by offering your fellowship program in French, Arabic, Portuguese …So that every Africans can benefit from this program. Long live ACFellows Cohort 2, Long live African ChangeMakers Fellowship Program.
 Christy Samba – ACFellow Cohort 2 (DRCongo).


I learnt a lot from this opportunity, it opened my eyes that bringing change in our communities should not wait until we have huge financial means but rather willingness and seeking advice from others who are more experienced can help us to find solutions with limited budget. Therefore, we should not wait to become millionaires to work on the change. With the African ChangeMakers Fellowship, I realized why my employer uses a self steering model in management whereby most staffs have the same title position, while some are more experienced than others. It makes leadership more on working as a team than expecting to become the boss and fully appoint others to fulfill all tasks and bring a report. Leadership is about team work, guidance, vision, strategy towards achieving goals. 

I managed to develop a proposal, first on social enterprise and another on advocacy. I am feeling confident enough on developing my two ideas into full proposals towards seeking funding as I got to know about the steps from identifying project idea, writing a proposal, pitching for funding. All the aspects were really of an added value and the full experience was meaningful to me. 

I am a proud ACFellow Cohort 2, I have started to tell my work colleagues, friends and family about this program and with the upcoming call for application, I wish to see many Rwandans in there. 

Since there is an alumni community, I am willing to remain active in shaping the Africa we want, the best is yet to come but let us keep dreaming and hard work pays off. Our Continent is full of natural resources, we have to find ways as youngsters on how we can reverse the situation of migration to western countries by making our continent a safer place, with economic, political and business potential assets for success. 
Marine Umukunzi – ACFellow Cohort 2 (Rwanda)


I thought African ChangeMakers Program was going to be just like any another leadership course but did it prove me wrong. I have learnt so much that I never knew and my perspective on matters on leadership has shifted. It has left a lasting impact and I’d recommend every youth in Africa to undertake this fulfilling program. Thank you, ACFellowship for making me become a better leader.
– Amanda Moraa
– ACFellow Cohort 2 (Kenya)

African ChangeMakers Fellowship Program is a special kind of online program that is detailed and gives you chance to master and understand all these amazing courses at your own pace and in your own time. Thank you so much ACFellowship organizers and I look forward to work with you from now as a change agent from Uganda.
– Kashumbar Abubaker Kalema – ACFellow Cohort 2 (Uganda)

The African proverb goes “You only think your mother is the best cook until you venture out.” So is the experience with the African ChangeMakers Fellowship – you only think you know a lot until you learn from the best. This has been my experience from being in the African Changemakers Fellowship. 
Omoding Geoffrey -Uganda

For the first time ever in my entire life, it was a privilege to participate in such a life changing online/offline fellowship programme, it is so far the greatest outstanding, amiable, and lovely African ChangeMakers program. The five weeks intensive program was tedious due to personal busy engagements and usual work schedule but highly rewarding. I will never regret taking part and successfully completing the program which was greatly magnanimous. The course content was of global standard. Even when I had initially taken courses like project management, strategic planning, entrepreneurship, and mentorship, the fellowship came as an expansion of my scope of knowledge in these areas. Oh! I just remembered our discussion forum, which was characterized with insightful, timeless, and invaluable contributions, constructive criticisms, logical arguments, and intellectual discourses.

African ChangeMakers fellowship program has been a great resource and a powerful network to belong! the windows of change for a better Africa have been opened, great opportunities like AC mentor, AC community etc. The professionalism of the team, communication skills, unbeatable interpersonal skills, and social skills of African ChangeMakers team has been amazing. When it came to lessons, notes and lessons were always on time and on point. well summarized, well-marked and giving me as a student an opportunity to check my weekly performance, giving me the opportunity to sharpen my skills and how to manage time within a span of time for lessons to be taken prudently. It was an amazing platform and team to work with.

My horizon of thoughts has been increased, critical thinking sharpens and exposed to a pool of knowledge. I am proud Africa Change Maker. Africa won’t be the same.
Martin Salanda – Zambia

It was a great opportunity for me to be part of this fruitful program. You are doing a great job guys for Africa to change. You really deserve a lot. I have learnt a lot from the documents you sent me during these five weeks program that will probably enable me to impact more positively on my community, nation, Africa and the world. Your job is really fantastic and deserves great support from Africa head of states and governments for a better Africa. Long live #AfricanChangeMakers. God bless you! – Boucar KAMA – Senegal

I wish to use this opportunity to thank the AC-Team members for selecting me for this program that has challenged me both personally and professionally. Through this program, I have gained excellent knowledge on how to develop a Strategic Plan, how to do Pitching and Funding, Entrepreneurship, Mentoring among others. I have been empowered with skills that have made me a change person. I am so delighted to see the organizers impacting lives when this initiative not funded. I pray that as time goes on, you will be able to find sponsors who will fund this project and help you impact the lives of many Africans. I promise that with the knowledge gained, I will share with other youths and continue to create a wave of change in Africa. Thanks to all the African Changemakers Team. Keep Impacting lives.
— Evelyn Bisona Fonkem – ACFellow Cohort 2 (Cameroon).

It has been a very good learning experience for me.  I wasn’t sure what to think going into this, but wow was it fun. It’s unbelievable to see the results from our first session to the last session. This gave me the strength and capability of doing better each and every time. One month of training makes me aware of the areas to focus on, provides the tools and simple solutions to work on, and even improved my performance already in some aspects. I am confident that I will see more benefit in the future as I start applying the techniques and rules learned in this course. I know am flexible and willing to tailor the training materials and content to meet the individual’s immediate needs. I’m also resourceful and be able to provide useful references and materials for my further development in other areas. I’ll request African ChangeMakers to continue help us and support all the followers with the ideas on funding, links and follow up done. Thanks, and many thanks you widen my brain now I need to implement
George Okoth OsoyaKenya

My African Changemakers Fellowship experience has been paramount to me redefining my definition of leadership. I have personally been very fortunate to have had a formal opportunity to develop my leadership skills. Theses experiential learning exercises has given me tremendous exposure to new opportunities and accelerated my growth as an African ChangeMaker. This fellowship has helped in motivating and engaging individuals with a high degree of diversity on all parameters i.e. gender, ethnicity, age, profession and cultural background. Connect with diverse leaders, welcome and celebrate a diverse spectrum of ideas and solutions – and enable different individuals in the team to reach their full potential – Okolobi Sinabeze Benita – Nigeria 

The ACFellowship Program has given me the greatest weapon to win several battles that would enables me wins the war of addressing social vices in my society. At the early stage of my social entrepreneurship career, I realize the ACFellowship Program has helped steer up my drive to future approaches and I believe this is what Africans needs.
Zachariah Lloyd Sesay- ACFellow Cohort 2 (Sierra Leone)

Only Africans can understand the root cause of the problems that have ravaged our continent. Thanks to ACFellowship Program for equipping us with the knowledge to help us solve our problems.  
– Helen Roberts – ACFellow Cohort 2 (Nigeria)

Africa is my beautiful continent that has so much to offer to her communities. All we need to do is change Africa positively and make it better as it was. Thank you African ChangeMakers for the opportunity to be part of this great courses – project management, entrepreneurship, social enterprise, leadership, civic engagement, mentoring, pitching, fundraising, and the power of planning. The program has helped me a lot in enhancing my leadership skills. I’m forever grateful. I look forward to work with you in future. I am happy that I am the change Africa needs.
– Abdirahman Rashid Mohamud ACFellow Cohort 2 (Somalia).

The African ChangeMakers Fellowship Program for the past five weeks has been great. It is a program that has enlightened, educate, developed and improved my entrepreneurial skills and my leadership style. It gave me the opportunity to learn and share with a lot of vast brainboxes across the continent of our father land Africa. I must confess that this is the most wonderful program of the year 2018.
Finally, a million thanks to the organisers of African changemakers.
Nguti George Godwin -Nigeria

I feel blessed having been part of ACFellowship Program Cohort 2, the sessions I had throughout the courses that I undertook were more inspiring, advanced knowledge and leadership skills, discovering other hidden ideas that I was not yet aware of and making me feel proud among all, as having taken part as a youth and a young woman in the society. #LongLiveAfricanChangemakers.
Cynthia Bella Obonyo – ACFellow Cohort 2 (Kenya)

Absolutely wonderful and transformational workshop. Not only did this experience provide me with an opportunity to make a change a difference in my community students, but it also provided me the opportunity to grow and learn about myself as a business woman and as a person.

Pauline Kwamoka – ACFellow Cohort 2 (Kenya)

This has been a life time opportunity because personally, I have learnt many things, met great minds that have left an impact on my leadership journey – Monica Namuyombo – ACFellow Cohort 2

The five weeks, was amazing and challenging, I only had to be more to reach this level. It’s really great dream since it’s challenging to be part of African change makers cohort 2.
Omal Jimmy ACFellow Cohort 2 (Uganda)

Every day is a lesson. I have learned a lot in this programme sincerely from entrepreneurship to fundraising and pitching to management to mentoring and whole lots of things. Kudos to organiser. I think I can groom people in mentoring with what I have learned here.
Egbewumi Musibau Ajibola -ACFellow Cohort 2 (Nigeria)

Thank very much African ChangeMakers Fellowship program for this opportunity, it has been a very interesting and mostly a good learning experience for me. It has help me a lot and taken my entrepreneurial ideas to another level and all I can say is thank you to the African Changemakers Fellowship organizers.
Arlette DUSHIMEACFellow Cohort 2 (BURUNDI)

The Fellowship Programme was fundamental in shaping my path to solving societal problems in my community. It has affirmed and equipped me with the zeal to transform my community and beyond. The learning experience was indeed rewarding. Thank you so much, and cheers to being an African ChangeMakers.

Catherine Chebet Bartenge – ACFellow Cohort 2 (Kenya)

The training began on the 13th of September, 2018 with overview of the courses and assignments to seek the knowledge of the participants on various issues concerning Africa. Not only the joy of being a participant but the knowledge and experiences shared by various participants from different countries boosted and added up to my knowledge. AfricanChangemakers is a great platform to network and learn as well. Taking into consideration the state of other participants, they extended the period which benefited everyone.
Helina Andoh – ACFellow Cohort 2 (Ghana)

I am so great full for the organizers of this program, due to the knowledge acquired during the study, I can now boast that am a changemaker indeed, there is now a sense of direction on how to go about my purpose in life which will lead to a greater transformation in communities Africa and the world at large. May God continue to bless you guys.
BARBARA NGEAH ACHWE – ACFellow Cohort 2 (Cameroon) 

I would like to thank the team that works with us well in our lessons and thank them and also, I would like to forward my limitless thanks to you and your entire team for the work and energy produced throughout the fellowship. It has been a big pleasure to meet my fellow Africans for a very positive conversation during the program, and pleased to have learned much from every and each one of them. Together we’ve built a family that we cannot afford missing. Africa is our home and our door to the rest of the world, we’ll represent wherever we meet life with same energy. Many thanks, and let’s continue the precious work. 
Edna Ali Yusuf – ACFellow Cohort 2

African ChangeMakers training has really impact positively in my life. It has engulfed me with so much knowledge on diverse issues, helped to know ways of going about certain decisions as well. Indeed, this training is worth it and all got to get involved for a life changing experience.
Yussif Fadeelatu – ACFellow Cohort 2 (Ghana)

It is amazing how five weeks can be so life changing. Thank you so much for this opportunity and even more for the knowledge and resources you have bestowed on us for these past weeks. I believe that each and very lesson learned shall be transferred to the community through the different ventures, I am more fired up to engage in. Thank you, immeasurably, to the organizers of the African ChangeMakers Fellowship program.
Apio Winfred – ACFellow Cohort 2 (Uganda)

The African ChangeMakers Fellowship Program is a way forward all African youths, leaders and entrepreneurs for the Change we need in Africa. The program has exposed me to innovative techniques for entrepreneurial development, core project management techniques, my civil obligations for a better Africa and to be a leader in my generation. Now I’m equipped, and I’m ready to be the change in my community, in my state, in my country and in Africa.
Uwaga Ezenwa Chikezie – ACFellow Cohort 2 (Nigeria)

I joined the ACFellowship not sure if I will be able to make it to the end, I wasn’t sure I had enough time, but the lessons learnt from the first week blew my mind away, I had to make the time to participate fully. The lessons I have learnt can only be described as invaluable. I noticed that my pitching skills has improved greatly because I know what to give attention to, thank you for bringing out the leader in me. I can see a greater and better African. Thank you, African ChangeMakers Fellowship program, together, we will build the Africa of our dream. 
Ugwu Kingdom David – ACFellow Cohort 2 (Nigeria)

Firstly, I would like to thank African ChangeMakers for giving me an opportunity to participate in the assignments and over the last few weeks, I have learnt a lot. In the groups that were created and the assignments that we wrote it taught me a lot about entrepreneurship and projects management. I have been selected as one of the speakers at shell community and I am learning a lot. Thank you.
Xolile Thabethe – ACFellow Cohort 2 (South Africa)

African ChangeMakers Fellowship has transformed my understanding and approach towards social impact and has increase my knowledge bank to become better social entrepreneur and this has started to reflect in my business and leadership. Thanks to ACFellowship for this expository session.
Adigun TemitayoACFellow Cohort 2 (Nigeria)

It was great being a participant of African ChangeMakers fellowship Cohort2, ACFellowship has exposed me to things I have always found challenging maybe because I lacked the required knowledge of them.  I have been trained, impacted, mentored, and set on a motion to make Africa, Nigeria and my immediate community great again.  I can mentor people around me who lacks the required knowledge and guidance, our aim is to set a pace for development in Africa. Thank you ACFellowship. #proudlyanAfricanChangemakers
Samuel Kenneth Bako – ACFellow Cohort 2 (Nigeria) 

The ACFellowship program is a spectacular and rare opportunity for we Africans. I am happy to be here because the program did not only provide me a broad spectrum of knowledge, but has also connected me to a high caliber fellows network from diverse educational, economic, social and political background across Africa. I think these are gargantuan assets which one acquires from the program and that will make him sail freely and easily through the toughest challenges (e.g. economic, security, social and religious crisis) bedeviling Africa in the 21st century.
Ismail Datti SaiduACFellow Cohort 2 (Nigeria)

What a great opportunity to be here, thank you very much AC-team and organizers for giving me this chance that I acquire a lot of information and experiences, and expandind my networking with others African countries, we are one big family now. 
Marwa M. Rezk – ACFellow Cohort 2 (EGYPT)

I must admit that African ChangeMakers Fellowship has really been quite an experience for me. It’s been exciting and educative programme. It has taken my entrepreneurial ideas to a new level and my knowledge on community problems and how to tackle them have been widely improved. I am now feel inspired and ready to fulfill my dreams of being a change in my community. All I can say is thanks to the African ChangeMakers Fellowship organizers and Admin.
Fuambe Esther Preshiella – ACFellow Cohort 2 (Uganda)

I learnt a lot, I discovered that the ordinary things I do are what make me an entrepreneur, I discover myself.  I am m so grateful to Africa changeMakers team, God bless you, God bless Africa. #iamthechangeafrica. Together we will make Africa great.
Olabisi Geraldine Airen – ACFellow Cohort 2 (Nigeria) 

This has been a thought-provoking engagement and immersion. The friends and the networks this fellowship has provided are unforgettable. I have enjoyed every segment of this training and I believe I am now more shaped for changemaking in my community and Africa as a whole.
Edmund OkibokoACFellow Cohort 2 (Uganda)

I want to sincerely thank the team behind the ACFellowship Program. Your selflessness and effort towards the running of the ACFellowship will never go unrewarded. ACFellowship is an embodiment of knowledge and this opened my eyes to new ideas and opportunities. I met amazing fellows during this period and have become friends and partners. Africa is beautiful but endangered with bad leadership which is giving the continent a bad image and reputation. ACFellowship is opening the minds of the youth and providing us with a platform to speak up because enough is enough. Thank you ACFellowship for this great opportunity, God Bless You.
Jennifer Chinelo Okeke ACFellow Cohort 2 (Nigeria)

I am excited to be part of this laudable African ChangeMakers Fellowship Cohort 2 programme. It has been an amazing experience, very insightful, eye opening and educating. In the course of the programme I have learnt new things, met new people that has influenced my life positively. 

Oluwaseyi Oguntoye ACFellow Cohort 2 (Nigeria)

After going through the African ChangeMakers Fellowship program, my view to life’s situation has really changed and am changing my approach to life and my business, I am grateful for this opportunity.
Odoji Oluwfemi Stephen – ACFellow Cohort 2 (Nigeria)


Wow! I can’t believe five weeks are over already, this is a very good program which I would encourage all youths to apply. It is very insightful and each week has been full of great lessons which I believe will lead to my personal development and career development. It has also been a pleasure to interact with African youths and learn from each other.
Sharon Anyango Odhiambo – ACFellow Cohort 2 (Kenya)

The program has allowed me not only to get theoretical understanding of leadership but I am able to share experiences with other leaders as well. This has given me a chance to get the necessary skills and knowledge I need as a changemaker.
Mwaona Nyirongo – ACFellow Cohort 2

I recommend this program for anyone who has the vision of becoming a changemaker in Africa. I got more than I expected from this training.
Chioma Nwigwe –
ACFellow Cohort 2 (Nigeria)

I have not only learnt about leadership through the African ChangeMakers Fellowship, I have also expanded my network. The platform also gave me the opportunity to scale my work and I am indeed grateful to the organizers.
Linda Uloma NwaoduACFellow Cohort 2 (Nigeria)

Meeting incredible changemakers across the world, connecting with them on a professional and personal level are my highlights from the African Changmakers Fellowship. 
Uma Nnenna – ACFellow Cohort 2 (Nigeria)

The five weeks of the African ChangeMakers Fellowship has been quite interesting. Apart from acquiring knowledge, it’s been a good platform to interact and network with different people who have different abilities and skills. I look forward to keeping my network strong and continue communicating.

Mukuka Mwiko – ACFellow Cohort 2 (Zambia) 

I salute you (ACFellowship team) for the great work you’re doing, it’s been quite a great time in my life. The materials have helped me grow my leadership skills and put new tools in my bag to help me be the change Africa needs. God bless you Mwesigye Didas – ACFellow Cohort 2 (Uganda)

Being accepted for the African ChangeMakers Fellowship Cohort 2 has been my major highlight for 2018. l learnt a lot from this program, but my favorites topic was the ‘Power of Planning’, this training was an eye opener for me because it showed me why planning is important to be able to achieve goals and dreams.
Many thanks to the AC team for affording me this opportunity.
Washington Mwale – ACFellow Cohort 2 (Zimbabwe)

An amazing 5 weeks of learning and growth through the material that has been shared. The content has been so enlightening and also the discussions engaging. Through the assignments I was able to debunk some of the myths that I had concerning topics like project management. With the wealth of knowledge received, The Lead Child will definitely be a different organization. Looking forward to greatly influencing my society and Africa as a whole. Thank you so much and God bless the AC Team.
Lucy Mwakaba – ACFellow Cohort 2 (Kenya)

Thank you, AC team, I strongly believing in the potentials that Africa has and truly thanking you all and I know Africa can make it. As people, who hold the power not just in terms of the resources but also intellectually, I came to a conclusion that Africa is the solution that the world has been looking for.

The experience of being a changemaker is fulfilling, the assignments were great and educative. Some of the quotes are so relevant and they made me look at things differently. I enjoyed the meetups and it was a moment of trust and a chance to learn, relearn and unlearn. I enjoyed the fact, that we were all from different disciplines and different walks of life, the ACFellowship gave us a chance to share amidst such diversities.
Grace Musimiire – ACFellow Cohort 2 (Uganda)

Thank you for allowing me and teaching me to become an African Changemaker.
Sharon Muriuki – ACFellow Cohort 2 (Kenya)

Thank you #ACTeam for this extraordinary opportunity. The training has been very educative and I have learnt more than I expected in 5 weeks. Indeed, this fellowship has made a lasting impression on my life.
Chibwe MulwandaACFellow Cohort 2 (Zambia)

Thank you very much African ChangeMakers Fellowship Program organizers. You have given me the opportunity to gain knowledge and play my role in rebranding my Africa. African ChangeMakers Fellowship Program focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session challenging. My understanding and knowledge have increased noticeably and I’ve seen improvements in my job.
Anteneh Mekasha
ACFellow Cohort 2 (Ethiopia)

I am actually very happy and luck to be selected to be part of this very vital training, I have learnt a lot of things I am now have more knowledge to make my own project and help my community. It is very educative and it is a wonderful achievement for me and my country as whole. I am also in charge Africa change maker to keep training more youth Africa and in the whole world at large and keep going on and on. As great black America quotes martin Luther king JR -If you cannot fly than run, If you cannot run than walk, If you cannot walk than crawl, But whatever you do keep moving forward. I need tell to African ChangeMakers Leadership to keep training more youth in the whole world
Akeen Santo Deng Mawien – ACFellow Cohort 2 (South Sudan)

It was such an honor and a privilege being part of this amazing 5 weeks learning programme. It was informative and fun. Thank you, ACFellowship Team, let’s keep the fire burning, the Africa we want starts with the dedication of us young people.  – Kefilwe Matake – ACFellow Cohort 2 (Botswana)

The past five weeks have been a blast learning and networking taken to the next level! – Noel Lutomia – ACFellow Cohort 2 (Kenya)

I was part of the 2018 ACF Cohort 2 and I considered it a privilege having been selected from the high number of applicants across the continent. The 5-weeks online training, to me is an eye opener as I was introduced to a lot of concepts in running a social enterprise. Really, I am a social entrepreneur, but I was oblivious to a number of things, but this fellowship training refined me to be a better social entrepreneur. This knowledge, without doubt, is taking my project to the next level, as I’ve been better positioned by ACFellowship to do so. ACFellowship is indeed raising the next African entrepreneurs who care about the welfare of their continent even as they make profit to sustain their projects.
Divine K. KpeACFellow Cohort 2 (Ghana) 

The African ChangeMakers Fellowship Program has made me more informed person by becoming: Persistent and resilient, Excited by learning, Enjoying and discovering, have a clear image of what I want to do for changing my community and Africa to live better lives. Not to give person to work at something until I get an answer. I have got connections and become a good communicator.
David Kirunda – ACFellow Cohort 2 (Uganda)

Testimonial During my 5 weeks spent learning at ACFellowship Program, I had to learn a lot and acquire new terms such as intrapreneur, specific knowledge about the pitching of projects and raising funds. I had learnt clearly the implementation of a project and the understanding of entrepreneurship.

It has been a genuinely amazing experience these past few weeks. I cannot thank the organizers of this ACFellowship program enough. I would encourage anyone who would be interested in doing this program to give it their best shot and apply for because they do not know what they are missing out on. — Gerald Kihara

Been a great platform putting together African young leaders from every works of life. Such initiative deserves support from African Union as it is a platform where leaders can learn about pin-pointing our strengths and weaknesses while maintaining close contacts with hundreds of fellow Africans. – Bakaris Diacte

The course covered a lot of information, delivered in concise chunks that were easy to absorb. The structure was clear, logical and effective. African ChangeMakers Fellowship Organizers has obviously put a lot of thought and expertise into designing it. But it wasn’t just about the new knowledge. The main benefits came from doing assignments, receiving individual feedback and interacting with African ChangeMakers Organizers and other participants. This format gave me the confidence to implement new techniques on my business immediately, in contrast to my past failed attempts. I didn’t just learn “how” to write – “what” and “why” also became much clearer.
Lily Douere Bandotubo- Nigeria

I never thought of an organization who can offer me such a life changing training opportunity free of charge. African ChangeMakers Initiative is the spark plug Africans need. The training was down to earth; my life transformed. I recommend the program to all those who have the interest of their communities in mind. Thank you, African ChangeMakers team. Akan Etefia – Nigeria


African Changemakers Fellowship (#ACFellowship ) is a rare opportunity to develop Africans for Africa and it affords every participant the unique opportunity to receive life changing and soul reaching trainings in areas that are not conventionally taught in formal educational setting and this for me was the high point of my 5 weeks long program. ACFellowship truly is building a critical mass of influencers through this program and if sustained at this rate the story of Africa just got started to be rewritten to what its full potential dictates.

I have always had the perspective that the problem of Africa is embedded in colonization and nothing else. Thanks to the African ChangeMakers Fellowship for exposing me to a new perspective in looking at the challenges of Africa. Yes, I now agree that African challenges can be addressed if we promote and champion good leadership from all levels of society. – Peter Asare-Nuamah – Ghana

Just like I anticipated, the African Change Makers program surpassed my expectations. The course content is rich, goes into great depth, easy to read and understand, and applicable in your everyday life. It has inspired the way I run my startup and view learning. Looking for a community to equip you with mind-blowing leadership and entrepreneurship insights, YOU ARE HOME! #AfricanChangemakers, #ACFellowshipCohort2, #iamtheChangeAfrica
Jackline Alwedo

My experience in the African Change Makers Programme, first I would like to thank the ACFellowship programme team for their support rendered to all of us as participants in Cohort 2 and thanks for giving me the opportunity to be part of the students. Before joining the ACFellowship platform, I thought I knew much about leadership and entrepreneurship. Wow. it was really an interesting experience for me to learn new things about the very subject matters. Yes, I knew the topics that were handled (planning, entrepreneurship, project management. pitching and fundraising), were not very new to me. But the knowledge, materials were really new and interesting and looked real and this made some eye opener to me. This explains why, I really love and dedicated my time to complete the training, please thanks to all the instructors/ trainers. I pledge to really utilize the knowledge and change my community and work for the betterment of my people because by doing that, I will be an epicenter for Africa’s Change. Thank you so much.  #iamthechangeAfrica needs.
Agwang Catherine Martha – Uganda

The African ChangeMakers Fellowship was quite an experience for me. There is a quote “Your network determines your net worth”, through this fellowship I got to meet some amazing ChangeMakers from Cameroon determined to be the change their communities need through their various works. Thanks to the entire Team of African ChangeMakers Fellowship for this opportunity and for what they are doing to make mama Africa breed a new generation of ChangeMakers.
Enow George Agbor – Cameroon

My interest and passion are about making my contribution in the creation of long-lasting Positive Peace in Africa. Initially, when I joined African ChangeMakers (AC) Fellowship Cohort 2 Training; I was anxious because I didn’t know how I’d fit amongst entrepreneurs and business-minded people, during the Training. Soon I realized that the AC Team had already created a conducive environment which is fit for all of us. I highly appreciate the Team for selecting me to receive the training; it’s very enlightening. I am also learning how to practice the quality of humility. I hope to join the AC Team so that I may contribute the little I have to the up-coming African ChangeMakers. In addition, through receiving the mentorship I need, I believe that I shall achieve my goal:

  • To give my contribution
  • In the Creation of long-lasting Positive Peace in Africa;
  • In order for her greatest Assets – The Human Capital to stay within the Continent, and make her really prosperous, as she should be.

Thank you very much indeed, African ChangeMakers Team, I hope that I will make you proud.
Anne Muthoni Gitau, Kenya

Like gold, forged in the furnace to become such treasure to behold; so, has African Changemakers Fellowship forged, modeled and instilled in us to become better changemakers, directly imparting and impacting the African continent. Words may not truly present the experience of the fellowship, unless an individual strives to share in the experience, too. Here is saying “THANK YOU” to the #ACTeam and I wish you more grace and wisdom in your future tasks.
Mojeed ‘Yemi Kareem-
ACFellow Cohort 2 (Nigeria)

African ChangeMakers is the best organization shaping the whole African continent. The training was very informative, educative and given me with the valueless opportunity discussing with cohort members from different part of the continent. I thank ACFellowship organizers for given this golden opportunity to have access to this platform to learn from different culture, ethnicity, individuals and countries. The planning of the course setup is awesome! 

I am so great full for the organizers of this program, due to the knowledge acquired during the study, I can now boast that am a changemaker indeed. There is now a sense of direction on how to go about my purpose in life which we lead to a greater transformation in communities Africa and the world at large. May God continue to bless you guys. – BARBARA NGEAH ACHWE – Cameroon 

At first, I regretted signing up, later did I remember that success is not measure in the height a person reaches but the strength with which he bounces from the bottom. It has been educative and live changing overall. Africa is a beautiful home that has so much to offer to her people. All we need to do is change Africa and make it what it should be. Thanks for the opportunity. I am happy that I am the change Africa needs #ACFellowship #ACFellow2018 #AfricanChangemakers. – Emmanuel T. Johnson (Liberia)  

African Changemakers is the real epitome of hope for Young Africans. It has helped regain new found experiences that is meant towards availing us with the opportunity to boost our leadership skills for the betterment of our businesses, civil society organizations and our public order. The dream for a better Africa is possible with African ChangeMakers – Modou A. Njie – Gambia

Nelson Mandela said It always seems impossible until it’s done.” I am happy today that I finally made it to the end of the ACFellowship Cohort 2 online training for young African Changemakers. Thanks to the initiator’s laudable programs and the user-friendly online platform. I will continue with the passion and commitment in me transform the status-quo and see the African of my dream.   
Kaprie Kanu- ACFellow Cohort 2 (Sierra Leone)

When I signed up for the program, I was not fully aware of the impact it will have on me. It has taught me a lot about entrepreneurship and startups, mentoring, making impacts to my community and aware of tools necessary for an entrepreneur to succeed. Lastly, the program taught me how to use tools around me to impact my business and how to sought out funds for my business from funders. Good stuff! — Achilihu, H – Nigeria

African ChangeMakers Fellowship Program is a special kind of online program that is detailed and gives you chance to master and understand all these amazing courses at your own pace and in your own time. Thank you so much ACFellowship organizers and I look forward to work with you from now as a change agent from Uganda. – Kashumbar Abubaker Kalema – ACFellow Cohort 2 (Uganda)

It was been five weeks of learning and development. This platform has enhanced my knowledge on entrepreneurship and leadership skills. Thanks to the organizers of the program, I will ensure that I apply the acquired knowledge in my community. God bless Africa!
Grace Jimbo- Nigeria

It has been a great and wonderful experience throughout the five weeks of experience sharing program. The fellowship has created opportunity to make new friends from different part of Africa and has empowered me to undertake leadership roles in order to inspire, motivate and share my knowledge other young people in my community. I want to sincerely thank the AC Team for their tireless effort in ensuring the quality of the on-line training.
Lamzy Jarrett
Sierra Leone

I’m very grateful at this opportunity to connect with people. I cherish the network a lot. And #ACF2018 has given just another opportunity to connect with others. At our first Lagos meeting, I was opportune to connect with one of us who has now helped me secure a space for an exhibition of my honey and Shea butter product in the ongoing food week in Lagos, using his position. Awesome! Thank you for the opportunity to meet and connect with great people. And thank you for the classes, especially the pitching lessons. It has helped me focused more on my offerings. 
Joy Iseki – Nigeria 

The past 5 weeks have been very educative and engaging. I have learnt a lot from the materials shared by the African Changemakers team. 
Emmanuella Nguavese Ikomon – Nigeria

Throughout this programme, I felt the change of Africa is within our power by applying things learned during the African Changemakers Fellowship. Being focused will make continent great again.
HOUTOUKPE Sylvia T. Rosalinda – Benin

African Changemakers Fellowship program is an enriching experience for me since I discover and learn new things through the five weeks online course. I also make new friends from different countries and together, I think, we can increase our civic engagement towards our continent which is the same for all of us.

It was an awesome experience from week one to five, I have learnt new ways of pitching, how to raise funds, how to mentor, how to develop a business model it was indeed very refreshing and mind blowing to learn and also connect with change makers in Uyo Akwa Ibom state. my challenges were in terms of getting funds to read, download or watch the accompanying videos online. however, to say just thank you to the organizers will be an understatement because the program was a huge success. 
Gabriel Aramayamba Stephanie – Nigeria


Having being part of this dream of leading change in my communities and Africa at large, I must say the five weeks program instilled in me valuable knowledge of critical thinking, networking, planning, and leading self and others for a better future. – Mohammed Fusheini – Ghana

African Changemaker Fellowship will forever be an unforgettable eye-opening experience for me. I would recommend every young African Person to strive to be part of this awesome platform. Be part of the Next Cohort!
Oladotun Fadeyiye Roy – Nigeria

Every day is a lesson. I have learned a lot in this programme sincerely from entrepreneurship to fundraising and pitching to management to mentoring and whole lots of things. Kudos to organiser. I think I can groom people in mentoring with what I have learned here.
Egbewumi Musibau Ajibola – Nigeria

This fellowship has widened my scope and truly, it brought me back to my books. I thank the organizers, wish them all the good things of life, as they have given their time to bring together leaders from all over Africa.
Edom Onyinyechi Juliet – Nigeria

Thank very much African Changemakers Fellowship for this opportunity it has been a very interesting and mostly a good learning experience for me. It has help me a lot and taken my entrepreneurial ideas to another level and all I can say is thank you to the African Changemakers Fellowship organizers.

My experience in these five weeks of training as an African changemakers, am now knowledgeable on various types of ways how one can become a great leader, the skills you need to acquire and what and how to start a business as a social entrepreneur. I have gained the knowledge on how to plan, how I can raise funds for a startup and ways to go about to avoid a failure in business.

Thank you for this special opportunity which help me to learn about management, English language, business proposal, leadership, mentoring and so one ad so off. Africa does not only need strong institutions as Barack Obama said, but it also needs strong leadership, more political than philosophical, more practical than theoretical and more pragmatic than idealistic. The Africa changemakers project is moving in this direction.
Narcisse Fomekong Djeugou, Cameroon

My Africa, Your Africa and Our Africa is a beautiful continent that has so much opportunities to offer to her people. All we need to do is to unite and work as ethical leaders to change Africa and make it what it should be. Thank you African Changemakers for the opportunities to be part of this great course. The program has helped me a lot in enhancing my leadership skills. I’m forever grateful. I look forward to work with you in future. I am happy that I am the change Africa needs #ACFellowship #ACFellow2018 #AfricanChangemakers.
Abdul Rahman Conteh (Sierra Leone)

The course was so educative. To the African ChangeMakers team, thank you for offering me such a great opportunity, thank you so much for making it a smooth flow and keeping the hopes of Africa alive.
Sensewell Chingwaramusee – Zimbabwe

It’s been an honor for me, for being part of this wonderful fellowship. From the first week to the last week, I’ve gained a lot specially about project management for positive outcomes also my leadership and intrapreneurship skills have been strengthened and I have started putting this in the contribution of our African Continent positive transformation. May God continue to bless this initiative because we all have a continent to build.
CHARLES-GUILLOM Bel-Dieu – Cameroon

The Fellowship Programme was fundamental in shaping my path to solving societal problems in my community. It has affirmed and equipped me with the zeal to transform my community and beyond. The learning experience was indeed rewarding. Thank you so much, and cheers to being an African ChangeMaker.
Catherine Chebet Bartenge – Kenya.

A big thank you to ACF fellowship team for this awesome opportunity. I am most grateful to Almighty God and to you for the knowledge gained and the Award. Let’s keep the fire burning #AfricanChangeMakers
Babatunde Omowunmi (Nigeria)

Through the program, I have been able to learn new ways on how I can relate with my society as a leader. Have been able to acquire new set of skills in pitching, fund raising and others. The meetup has also given me the chance to collaborate and connect with young vibrant leaders both within and outside Nigeria. Thank you to all team of African ChangeMakers fellowship for the opportunity.
Funmilola Awosanya

l feels happy to be part of Africa Change Makers Fellowship Cohort 2, l really learnt a lot from you guys. The learning materials you send to us are really helpful to undertake everything and become a successful change maker in Africa and worldwide the Lord bless you – Judith Attipoe from Ghana

A very big thank you to African ChangeMakers Fellowship for this Program. It was a resourceful moment. And I look forward to more of this fellowship. #iamthechangemaker – Ikechukwu Ashiegbu – Nigeria

This is a life changing opportunity to learn about Leadership and other very important topic towards my own personal transformation. This will in effect will make me contribute positively to my community and influence other young people. BERNARD BOAKYE ANSAH – GHANA

The African Changemakers fellowship program has been a great experience for me. Very educating and challenging. I absolutely appreciate the opportunity to be part of an insightful program as this. Basiru Alumbugu – Nigeria

I really enjoyed teaming up with this cohort. It’s been wonderful. With these, we can take Africa higher. And thank you all. This opportunity has been awesome. More than just learning, but a transformative journey so far.
Tariq AlferisLibya

My experience taking this online program with African ChangeMakers Fellowship is one I will never forget in a hurry. This platform gave me the opportunity to learn, unlearn, and relearn. I will forever remain grateful to this fellowship for making me a better Change Maker.
Alexander AkhigbeNigeria


I really appreciate the quality of training offered by African ChangeMakers to young Africans. It has really re-positioned me to change Africa. #iamAfrican.
Samuel Akpan – Nigeria

Not only was the course both fun and challenging but African ChangeMakers Fellowship Organizers direct feedback for improving my writing was invaluable. African ChangeMakers Fellowship Organizers rocks, thank you so much for impacting me with knowledge and skills.  Segun AkinladeNigeria

The African Change Fellowship program has positively transformed me as an individual and reinforced my sense of purpose in work and education, and my belief that we all have a responsibility and a daily role to play in building safer, more just, progressive, and humane communities.”
Udonnamdirim Chima Akawor – Nigeria

It was a unique five weeks intensive training. Every course was on its own superb. My entrepreneurial desire was awakened and intrapreneur spirit consolidated. Indeed, it’s a week of self-re-assessment, adjustment, discovery and unidentified potential exhumed. – Onya-Mmaghiri Kingsley – Nigeria

It’s been intriguing, exciting and very educative. Thank you ACFellowship Team for this Program. My motivation is the passion and drive to be part of a success story, helping propel start-ups, and people to achieve goals, and knowing I helped effect a positive change among young peers and minds. This was the driving catalyst that made me choose to sign up as a Change Maker. – John AggreyGhana

I remembered how I jumped and screamed when I was selected to participate in this program, I was pretty excited. Thank you African ChangeMakers for this opportunity. It was worth it. I am so proud to be a member of this great fellowship. – Adewole Adeoye – Nigeria 

African ChangeMakers Fellowship provides a common front for Changemakers across Africa to inter-mingle for common good. These five weeks of intensive exposure is fulfilling and has added to my network of like minds that I never thought exist. Thank you. Adeeko Peter – Nigeria

Thank you ACFellowship Team. I am most grateful to God and to you for the award. Indeed, to whom much is given, much is expected. As such, I shall do all I can to raise the flag of African ChangeMakers.APEH ADAMSNIGERIA

African ChangeMakers fellowship impacted me greatly in terms of business and leadership development, the platform is so educative through the courses offered to participants and also so interacting from learning & sharing views with other fellows through group discussions and assignment. It is a great privilege to be selected to benefit from all the program offered by this platform. Thank you African changemakers team. – Abu Olamide Olayemi – Nigeria

African ChangeMakers, thanks so much for this golden opportunity. Indeed, it was five weeks full of wonderful experience and learning. The lessons were so enriching and enlightening. The group discussion was also so fascinating and mind blowing. The program in general was indeed an ocean of knowledge and full of inspiration. You guys have opened my eyes very well. Cheers! Because of the interaction I had with the vision bearers of Africa, I feel rejuvenated to keep the spirit of change to a greater height. Completing this fellowship is just the beginning of the long journey. CONGRATULATION FELLOWS! 
Abdullahi Mohamed’ Abdi.bakari – Tanzania

Thank you, African ChangeMakers Team for connecting me with young African Social Entrepreneurs, together we shall move Africa forward and our communities will change for the better. – Fati Abubakar – Nigeria

It has been such an amazing and interesting experience. The lessons and assignments are quite intriguing and apt. I think the organization has done well and gotten a pass mark in the process of building reputable and resourceful leaders for Africa.  –  Afonrinwo Babatunde Adedeji – Nigeria

Africa ChangeMakers is a life changing experience, bringing together African young leaders to sharpen their paths on leadership, career and professional development. Thank you, ACFellowship for unleashing the geniuses in us. We promise to make the desired changes in Africa. – Ejike Agu Nigeria 

These past five weeks have been eye opening for me. It was indeed value for my time as this program has helped me a lot in enhancing my leadership skills and I am so grateful for being a part of this process of learning.  – Ajayi Adeola Sarah – Nigeria

It’s a pleasure to participate in this program, the lessons and courses has been enriching and have increase my skills and knowledge. I am always eager to get my course for the next week and complete my assignment, I have met passionate and committed youth during the AC meet-up and share ideas of how to continue engagement after the program.  – Joy Anthony – Nigeria


It makes me feel like being part of a community. – DEKOUNJahgnissoBENIN


This course has been very transformational and it challenges you to think outside the box. I am very grateful for this opportunity.  – Boniface DzigbordiGhana

WE CANNOT BE A LEADER, IF WE DO NOT TAKE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY AND THE When I saw the mail that am among the selected participants,  I was like hope these will not be too much for me, couples with my everyday work, but very great to be part, it has not be easy, I must confess but feel great at the end of the fellowship with what I have learnt. Responsibility Start with Us Individually, and the effect to that we must let it begin with me and you, CHANGE BEGINS WITH ME – Folasade Cecilia Adegbaju – Nigeria

I am so excited to be a part of the African ChangeMarkers Fellowship Program. I am indeed an ambassador for change in Africa. Words are inadequate to express at this movement. I am over joy! I would like to say a big thank to the Creator (God) for given me such a great privilege to study and learn from this platform. A very big thank goes to the CEO & Founder of this organization, not forgetting the hard-working project committee who worked behind the scenes to see the success of this occasion. I have learned and pick up some knowledge and ideas in civic engagement, leadership and mentorship, funding & pitching, how to be a successful planner, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, and project management etc. A very big thank you to all our participants. Wish you all the best. May God bless African ChangeMarkers Fellowship and may God bless you.
— JR.

The programme is amazing. It allows me to connect with like-minded people and strengthen my leadership capacity.  Kareem Abdulrasaq – Nigeria 


This program has been a real blessing to my life. It has helped me think about my local communities more and how I can apply it to solve some problems affecting them. The fellowship has answered some of my questions mostly on pitching and funding for projects. Am more convinced to roll up some of the community projects that I have seen useful over the last couple of years and I can’t wait to finalize my plans and come up with an environmental conservation project – through tree planting and growing- in the rural areas. Am more at peace with myself on community projects that I have been dedicating my time and resources to as a volunteer because this fellowship has helped me re-evaluate them and grade myself as doing well. – Thuku Kariuki

Bottom of Form

African ChangeMakers Fellowship is a unique opportunity for young professionals from all over Africa with a passion for development and a commitment to improve the lives of ordinary Africans. There is no better time to be part of what I call a ‘movement’ in Africa – new economic opportunities, improved governance systems and a new wave of burgeoning entrepreneurship.
Rethabile Konopo – Botswana

To bring change in Africa, we all need to participate in making reforms. AC Fellowship has presented a golden opportunity for youths to grow, learn and identify areas they can work on, areas which will greatly influence the social aspect of the African Community. Having been a participant in the AC Cohort 2, I have had a paradigm shift when it comes to idea generation process. The topic opened my eyes on how searching through nature can provide solutions to challenges/ issues. There is always something you can do to make a situation better. – Grace Wambui Maina – Kenya

The program has been an eye -opener as I have had a platform to engage with other fellows from various African countries ad share experiences. The reading materials have enhanced my knowledge about various aspects especially in leadership but most importantly is the knowledge I have been able to glean about entrepreneurship which will be immensely valuable in future endeavors to start a company. – JULIUS KIMULU MAKOKHA – KENYA

African Changemakers Fellowship is a perfect platform where young African leaders’ talents are enhanced. It is a resource hub for the mitigation of numerous challenges facing Africa. My training is already being utilize for the benefit of my community through social services. – Melvin McCauley – Liberia

Before I started African ChangeMakers Fellowship, there was so much I was doing wrong in the running of my business as a social entrepreneur but with this course I have learnt a whole lot on how to be a good boss and also how to treat my employees for maximum efforts from them. – Vivien Annap Musa – Nigeria 

Africa is a beautiful continent that has all resource we need so that we may be developed and natural resources that can be offered to their people. All we need to do is change Africa and make it what it should be. Thank you African Changemakers for the opportunity to be part of this great course. The program has helped me a lot in enhancing my leadership skills. I’m forever and ever grateful. I look forward to work with you in future. I am happy that I am the change Africa needs #ACFellowship Cohort 2 #AfricanChangemakers.
Pascal Ndikubwimana (RWANDA)

Indeed, been shortlisted as a successful applicant for African ChangeMakers Fellowship Cohort 2 was really an amazing and phenomenal thing to me. On getting to the programme proper from the week 1 course training to week 5 was really a rediscovery, harnessing and a full and productive exploration of my ingenuity which at the moment have on a deeper and wider dimension transformed my knowledge of PLANING, ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND SOCIAL ENTERPRISE, PROJECT MANAGEMENT, PITCHING AND FUNDING to LEADERSHIP, MENTORSHIP AND CIVIC ENGAGEMENT. Been an ACFellow has deeply change and transform my concept of community and national development and transformation which I trust to bring every knowledge acquired from this 5 weeks life transforming training to bare by practicing all that I have learnt at the course of this awesome 5 weeks training and as well impacting on others via my already running “YOUTHS DEVELOPMENT PROJECT” in my community.
All thanks to African ChangeMakers.

African ChangeMakers Fellowship is a program to be remembered for life, five weeks of knowledge acquisition for mind-set transformation through planning, implementing and networking with ChangeMakers.


African Changemakers Fellowship Cohort 2 will remain deep in my heart as the life changing experience that has ignited in me the zeal and commitment to be MAD (Make a Difference) in my community. The knowledge gained through the different lessons has added to the sea of knowledge I have so far gained through eLearning and with this, I am making a change in my community and will continue working hard to ensure that the multiplier effect spreads to other communities making Cameroon a better place and Africa a place to be.
Nfor Blessing Nkuh – Cameroon

African ChangeMarkers Cohort 2 has really exposed me to alot I never know about Entrepreneurship. – Nwalozie, Jocelyne Chinemeucheya – Nigeria

During the five (5) weeks of this intensive training, I have learnt much about leadership and this program has helped me to network with ACF fellows in Akwa Ibom State who also have strong passion for good governance and social development. – Akaninyene Patrick Obot – Nigeria

ACFellowship has caused a paradigm shift on how I see civic engagement and mentorship. This fellowship is a response to the leadership problems of Africa. Any youth who has successfully passed through the lessons here is globally competent. Thanks to the fellowship, I am a better leader because of her!
Ferdinand Ochor – Nigeria 

Prior to joining the ACFellowship, I never thought online group learning could be such a wonderful and impactful experience. The way ACFellowship blended online discussions with face-to-face meeting of Fellows and community impact is amazing and something worth lots of commendation. I have learnt several important lessons ranging from business management to project management, to citizenship education and the 5 weeks seemed like an eternity of skills and knowledge acquisition. I am grateful for the learning and networking opportunity offered by the AC Fellowship.  – Idris Ola – Nigeria

Wow! it’s been an uphill task full of learning and sharing of great and unique ideas with great people. Indeed, we are the change Africa need and I believe we are all equipped to for task. More power to African changemakers team. – Christine Otieno {Kenya}

It amounts to merely restating the obvious by saying ACFellowship has done tremendously well by putting a scheme such as this in place. Among other things, it allows for cross-fertilization of ideas across countries in the continent which will lead to the development of an ecosystem of young evolutionary set to positively transform the narratives. – Femi Oyeniyi -Nigeria

It was such an honor and great privilege to gained such a remarkable skill from ACM platform. Through this platform I managed to develop a reading habit compared to before I joined ACM platform.  – Saumu Issa RajabuTanzania

Many thanks for having as part of the African Changemakers. I enjoyed the training as it was very informative, I was also given an opportunity to discuss with like-minded people from other African countries on how to effectively run an organization. – JeremiahKenya

African ChangeMakers, we are the makers of change, change for the betterment of all Africans, change for the less privilege and change for the present, past, and future generation of all race, sex, religion and gender of all Africans.
Abba Shehu Maryam – Nigerian

Thank you ACFellowship Team for I have gained an exposure to new ideas, insights and opportunities, the unique chance to expand on my networks, and the knowledge and wisdom on how to make a sustainable impact. My interaction with other fellows made me reinvigorate my optimism and revitalise my inspiration, based on the shared experiences and lessons learnt, that there indeed is hope for Africa. As the old adage goes “Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life, tip-toe if you must but take the step” and indeed a majority of the African youth are taking the step. 
Eugenia Sirengo – Kenya

Throughout the 5 weeks training I have learned a lot in leadership and entrepreneur skills and how to apply my skill in transforming the education system. – Morongwe Soetsang – South Africa

Before now, I have not been a fan of online trainings. But the African ChangeMakers Fellowship platform has changed that mentality I used to have. The five weeks of training has transformed me in unimaginable ways. The materials are insightful, easy to assimilate and contained relevant contents that has equipped me with the essential knowledge and experience I needed to perform better in my entrepreneurial journey and as a competent leader. Without any reservation, I can recommend this training to any fellow who desires to grow competence and effectiveness as a change maker.
Ugochukwu Stephen Ugwudi – Nigeria


I came here with the expectation to gain some personal and professional development experiences but the ACFellowship provided me more opportunities than that. I had the chance to network with inspired African ChangeMakers who are the changes that they want to see in Africa. It was a nice experience and I am now loaded with the enthusiasm to pursue my community development goals. Thank you, AC team. Your dream and inspiration for change has inspired us to do more.  Henok Teka – Ethiopian


It is an absolute pleasure to have taken courses to be part of African Changemakers fellowship. The courses are very helpful in my business and I have interacted with fellows across Africa. Please know that you have my deepest thanks. I sincerely appreciate. Ucheoma Udoha- Nigeria


My special appreciation goes to the African ChangeMakers team for putting together a comprehensive course covering not only entrepreneurship but also leadership. Truly this is disruptive. – Udoka Ozurumba – Nigeria

The training was very informative, enjoyable and above all presented me with the invaluable opportunity to meet up with members from other countries on how to effectively manage and run social entrepreneur. It gives so much joy to be part of this great historic moment African Change Makers Cohort 2.
Hassan Umar -Nigeria


African ChangeMakers Fellowship Program has made me realize my potential for social enterprise and how I can affect changes no matter how small they are to the African community and the world at large. Thank you @ACFellowship
Gaiya Abba Zechariah – Nigeria

This has been a life changing experience for me, I have learnt a lot of new things outside my professional career. The knowledge gained will help me improve on my way of thinking and succeed as an entrepreneur.
Mohammed Sherif Abdul-Khaluq – Ghana

African Change Maker Fellowship Program really helped in improving my knowledge on social development. I know what it is to plan effectively, how to get funds and pitch for my business and above all the importance of mentorship in achieving success in life. Thank you for the opportunity ACM team, God bless you.
Adesanya Oluwadamilola Adesolape

I thank God because I am one of the participants of African ChangeMakers Fellowship, I have always love to be a helping hand to others in my little ways and touching life’s. African ChangeMakers Fellowship, has make me to contribute little I know. Thanks, African ChangeMakers. – Ajayi Mary Abiola – Nigeria

In the beginning, I actually found out that I have a self-esteem issue that I would have never thought of before. My perception of self-esteem is the way I see and feel about myself. I always thought I can’t start a social enterprise, I have always thought of but I have eventually registered my Social Enterprise with CAC and this would take effect as soon as I get space for full activity, although I have started making contact and growing the society with my little resources. African ChangeMakers Fellowship program taught me about Planning and Project management that would be needed for my social enterprise and how to demonstrate a leadership position in place I find myself. All these could only be achieved through a good pitching to investors. All the handouts were downloaded for future reference as these are modules I will never forget and how it changed my life! – Akinlosotu Akindele – Nigeria

This is a great initiative, it’s really helpful – KEHINDE ALABI – NIGERIA

Thank you so much African ChangeMakers Fellowship Organizers. Really, I appreciate your efforts towards this lucrative and fruitful Fellowship. Personally, I benefited enormous things including Leadership style, Management, Entrepreneurship and others. I embolden and encourage to be continued such Fellowship which is good for Africans, especially the young generation who is going to lead their countries in the future. – Anwar Abdifatah Bashir – Somalia

It has been a wonderful time on this program. It is such a blessing and a great platform to bring the resourceful youths of this great Continent to share, learn and link. Through networking, I believe we gain the greatest potential to cause the Change we all desire. I thank you all. Keep doing good for good will yield you the best. WE STAND TO BUILD THE AFRICA WE WANT. FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY – OLUMBE EDIGARUGANDA

Many thanks to African ChangeMakers fellowship program and team. It has been an amazing experience and journey. The program led me to network with like-minded young people in Africa and most importantly learnt and understood the module sessions which has and will impact the way I handle my work and the interventions within my community and Africa at large. Your platform is powerful and a place for young Africans to grow, learn, take risks and change for better Africa. I am grateful for this session and they will always remain with me and for my community to benefit. #AfricachangemakersFellowshipchangedme!

I have had the opportunity of participating in many different types of online courses, but the African Change Makers Fellowship is unique, organized by Africans for Africans to provide solutions for Africa. The knowledge acquired remain with us, the experiences shared, network of like-minded, the whole event memories lingers. Thank you to the ACFellowship Team, we remain grateful for the opportunity and promised to be good ambassadors of the program.
– Salisu Aminu Kakeyi – Nigeria

This period of five weeks is just like going for a degree course in a higher institution. In this period, I have been transformed, self-developed, known what it takes to plan a business accurately and what is involved, I have known about the intraprenuer and the entrepreneur, I have known about funding and grants including pitching and lastly leadership, mentoring and civic engagement which has made me better than I use to be. Thanks to the African ChangeMakers Team for this opportunity to explore and meet fellow amazing ChangeMakers around me. Love you all — MATHIAS HELEN – NIGERIA 

I must say African ChangeMakers Fellowship program is the best that has happened to me this year, one can tell how good it is to be thought the knowledge one had always wanted to learn online, at individual convenient time. I had learnt many things from the power of planning, pitching, project management and mentorship which I would not have learnt without this opportunity, thanks to African ChangeMakers.
Ibrahim Temitope Mutiat – Nigeria

Big thanks to African ChangeMakers organisers and coordinators. I’m indeed grateful and loaded with series of empowerment skills to execute my planned project. The training was powerfully a coincidence of my planning. Together we make AFRICA great. Together we proudly proof our black uniqueness!! Together we succeed!!!  – AFOLABI NAFISAT AJIBOLA – Nigeria

Bottom of Form

Many thanks to African ChangeMakers for granting me the opportunity and experience to be a part of the change Africa desperately need. I am extremely grateful and with knowledge gained during my course change my community and country-Sierra Leone. I am indeed the change! –  Ethel Sharon Sillah-Sierra Leone

I am grateful to God for the wisdom and knowledge he has given me to complete all the assignments, at first l didn’t believe in myself: now, though I could answer any question on my own, but I tried my best in all the questions. Thank you African Changemaker for choosing me, because, I am the change l needed!
Inimfon Sunday Solomon – Nigeria

Having gone through this Africa ChangeMakers Cohort2 program exposed me to so many things I had never thought about. Things like Power of planning, Social entrepreneurship, Project management, Testing and Review, Leadership, Mentoring and Civic engagement and so on. With all these, I am so glad to be part of this great programme. I promise to practice and impact all knowledge gathered during the progromme after the completion of this programme.
Zakariyahu Salihu Tsaragi – Nigeria

ENTREPRENEURSHIP, SOCIAL ENTERPRISE AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT. These two topics were my most interesting part of this program for the past 5 weeks now, it was so informative, educating and also an eye opener for emerging young entrepreneurs like us. On the other hand, I really want to thank ACFellowship team for putting up a program like this one that brought Africa’s like-minded individuals together in other to brainstorm and reason. – UGELA INNOCENT

Great work on African youth. You’re shaping lots of the youth into better leaders for the continent. Through this program, I can see a brighter Africa in the not too distant future. More grease to your shoulders!!!
Rufus Nantamba, Yennah – Ghana

The ACFellowship program has been highly rewarding both personally and professionally. I have learnt to a significant extent the skills and knowledge required for public policy management, civic engagement and entrepreneurship. I have also learnt the basics required for the appraisal of an effective mentorship program. – OLADUNNI AMOS ABIMBOLA – NIGERIA

Firstly, I am very grateful to the organizer of this program for creating a platform for young and vibrant youth to effect change in their various communities. The program has imparted in me positively and have motivated me to carry out my first project in my community in other to foster quality education. Thanks very much – Jimoh Abiola – Nigeria

I love the program! It was really great and have been applying some of principle I learnt to business. It was very empowering and confident building. I am coming out of the program feeling much more confident and keener to challenge my thinking. I will definitely consider going on other African ChangeMakers programs again. Thank you #Africanchangemakers. I enjoyed every moment, meeting cohort team members was really exciting, learning from them was educative.
Akujobi Lovelyn – Nigeria

African Changemakers Fellowship has really enlightened and rejuvenated me. Sometimes one may aspire to set up a social enterprise, but because of myriads of challenges therein and inadequate knowledge one may surrender. African Changemakers is now with us, it has given me power, I am ready to sojourned into this way of social entrepreneurship to enlighten more young youths in my community through mentorship and donation. My appreciations to African Changemakers coordinators for ensuring that I get this noble knowledge. – CHARLES OMULAMA ANDATIKENYA

I am more than please with the support I have received, I have become an effective Africa change maker. I would highly recommend the same to other Project Managers. Thanks for a great product. – Bilhah Anyango AomoKenya

One of the best youth leadership training platforms in the world. The resources are skillfully selected to add in depth knowledge. I recommend it to all upcoming youth leaders in Africa. – Rasak Awudu – Nigeria

In the beginning, I thought I couldn’t do it due to my work. But once I read the materials I realised that this fellowship is so useful for my current job as I volunteer. I learnt a lot and I enjoy reading the courses and exchanging with my folks. This will enhance me to find solutions in such issues that my local communities are facing. – Amadou Alpha BA – Senegal

Thank you very much for developing in me many areas in just five weeks. I have acquired so much knowledge in areas I thought I had control over, I networked with colleagues from other countries in a way I could never have without this platform. I equally saw the needs of my community as my challenge and have resolved to make an impact to change the situation. Thank you for giving me this free enlightening experience, God bless you. – BENEDICTA DAANAAH – GHANA

It’s from the button of my heart that I want to appreciate the convener of African ChangeMakers and the team members, more greater heights. The five weeks online training has indeed blessed me a lot as my leadership skills has been strengthened through the course. I will surely make use of this effectively and promise to be a Life Changer. Thanks once again – Damilare Adekunle – Nigeria

The ACFellowship program has given me the skills, motivation and network needed to promote the African renaissance. The past five weeks have been rewarding because I have learned valuable lessons and connected to a wide range of diverse people from different countries across the African region with who believe in transforming Africa. I am thankful.
Lawrence Senamu Dolo Jr – Liberian

I have learnt a lot with this ACFellowship. I have learnt by reading the materials, watching a wonderful video and reading others comments to questions asked. By going through these weeks of training, it has helped to re-energized me to build my social enterprise. – Dzever Rachel Mimi – Nigeria. 

African ChangeMakers is a welcome development to the present day, making the platform for exchange of knowledge and capacity building. Thanks to the organizing team for crafting such a thought-provoking learning environment for me in the last 5 weeks and I’m sure moving forward. Together we can change the African narrative.  – Promise EbichiNigeria

The African ChangeMakers Fellowship have been very instrumental in my personal development and growth at this specific time in my journey. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this life change event.  – Ruke Ejegreh – Nigeria

Big problems equal big needs so we need to focus on creating the best solutions. I am the Change Uganda and the entire Africa needs to solve problems and make the world a better place I have realized through this program. I therefore need to connect with everyday people and understand the biggest needs out there. 

African ChangeMakers Programme has really helped my build my capacity, learnt new skills and techniques and I am grateful for the opportunity.
Joy Elomena-Akpoviri – Nigeria

I have a hub, an incubator hub for change and growth. I applied for this fellowship because I believe in collective actions yields better results. ACFellowship provided an excellent platform for Africa Change Makers to join their efforts in creating change. Our impact together should have impact on development, growth and sustainability elements for all African communities. As Africans, we have fallen short of our ways of making communities thrives. We have gone into the era of social, economic and political decay. Therefore, I feel it’s imperative that we amplify our voices, efforts, actions, and plans to make African a land of rich resources where each African community can harness their potential with supported systems, and processes. I want to create trailblazing change through my advocacy work and hence ensure that we seek to make African communities self-sustaining models.  – Wilhelmina GaosesNamibia

It was an expository moment at the ACFellowship. Thanks to the organizers and team members who worked tirelessly to see that the 5 weeks course was successful. I look forward to collaborating with like minds and social entrepreneurs on this platform and we work towards making Africa the Africa of our dream. Thanks once again and God bless Africa and Africans. 
Ojamalia Priscilla Godwins Nigeria 

It is a wonderful experience, an experience, which I leave to remember. Through step to step learning, which have built my intrapreneur and entrepreneur skills in this dynamic and competitive world of ours. – Kayode, Daniel – Nigeria

The African Changemakers Fellowship has been a life-transforming journey for me. It has been both tough and exciting. It has inspired hope and encouraged me to do much better than what I have I achieved so far. I have built beautiful networks and gained in-depth insight into areas of project management, civic engagement, leadership and other aspects of technology and I believe these will be help me to make significant impact in Ghana and other parts of the world.
Pearl Kitcher – Ghana


Participating in the fellowship has been very rewarding. It challenged me to introspect and motivated me to do more and play my part for my beloved continent. The resource material provided was very detailed and helpful in exploring the concepts straight forward but effective.
Chipo MuchabaiwaZimbabwe

African Change Makers Program has generally introduced a new dimension of social entrepreneurship to me. The program has set new marks and milestones on my journey towards social entrepreneurship. I don’t regret being part this wonderful fellowship. – Gift Mwangairo – Malawi

The platform has equipped me in a positive way, it has sown enough knowledge that has broadened my horizon and critical thinking. Every success ladder we climb buys us a ticket for another challenge, it’s with our resilience, hardworking and persistence we grow. Thanks to #AfricanChangemaker #ACFellowshipCohort2
Morris Ntilla – Tanzania 

I am from Zambia, a country rich in copper and other precious minerals, I would like to share my happiness to everyone in the team of African ChangeMakers organizers. I also want to let you know that what you have done is very progressive to us the young people of Africa please don’t stop this program. I promise to be your ambassador in my country and the entire Africa.


It was a great privileged for me to partake in this cohort 2 African ChangeMakers Fellowship, the experience gotten from the course modules cannot be overemphasized. I studied entrepreneur and business management and I have also learnt more from other online program, but I must say that I have never come across all the modules and topics put together in the few weeks of training. As a social entrepreneur, the experience put together brought out another better side of me in dealing with my business and community as per making more impact. My appreciation goes to @iamTopsie and all AC team for these great initiatives and the opportunity. I stand to collaborate with other fellows on this journey – Julie O Obi – Nigeria

The journey through African Changemakers Fellowship has been one of great and exciting expositions. It was a time to look deep and into my professionalism and redraft my aspirations. I was impacted greatly and I look forward to carrying on the flag of leadership – Amanda Obidike – Nigeria.

The African Changemakers Program was quite refreshing. The courses were informative and engaging. They gave important and useful insights on leadership, entrepreneurship and project management. I truly learned a lot. Overall, the program lived up to its name. – Marvella Odili – Nigeria


It’s been an amazing 5 weeks experience of remote internship and fellowship. Been a worthwhile journey of learning and re-learning, the materials were precise and informative giving directions to equip the society with relevant information about growth, leadership and community engagement. Every module was concise and I learnt a whole lot… Thank you African ChangeMakers. I don’t take this opportunity for granted and the best I can do is replicate this knowledge to the people I will get in contact with. It’s an amazing experience. Looking forward to more opportunities to explore and change the world.
Joseph Okunmuyide – Nigeria

Being part of the Cohort 2 African ChangeMakers is a huge investment I made for myself. All the five weeks have been value adding and I will encourage everyone yet to go through this program should do in the next cohort #iamafricachangemaker – Olaitan Olakanmi – Nigeria

The five weeks modules have been inspiring with deep insight to equip and motivate the participants. Thank you #ACTEAM
Owoeye Folusho Olayinka – Nigeria

Firstly, I would like to thank African ChangeMakers for the opportunity given to me and many others in Cohort 2. It was really an experience learning and networking with people of different background, intellect and great minds. African ChangeMakers Cohort 2 training and courses has given me the drive and re-activated my passion to perform and increased my leadership qualities. Thanks to African ChangeMakers for impacting on all of us positively. I will remain a Changemaker for life. – Dumbi Godbless OlisemenogorNigeria

Thanks a lot for this opportunity, have really gain a lot, it has been an experience. Being cohort 2 means African ChangeMakers is here to stay and impact Africa through training and deploy ready reformers to change not only Africa but the rest of the world…. we are the change. – Silas E. Omurunga (Kenya)

African ChangeMakers have greatly transform my leadership and entrepreneurship skills, been member of this fellowship it’s my pleasure especially meeting with people of difference ideas that transform my capacity. I so much believe if this fellowship will continue to train African youth, indeed Africa will experience rapid change in development.
#proudtobeafrican   #proudtobenigerian   #proudtobeafricanchangermaker
Emmanuel Solomon – Nigeria

The ACFellowship to me has been challenging, but interesting, being a person that works in a remote area in Uganda, no electricity and poor internet connection but frequently needs access to internet to read access reading materials and later do the assignments, finding time out of a busy schedule to perform the fellowship duties to which I committed has not only been difficult but also helped me scale up my commitment. It has helped me learn more on how to balance my interests and my work, it’s nice connecting with fellow Ugandans for the ACFellowship meet-up and finally, all the educative material provided has taught me a lot. Thanks, African ChangeMakers Fellowship Program for this opportunity.

I have to confess this: I have never ever attending a continental online learning program like this. African ChangeMakers Fellowship is a resourceful and challenging program. I have learnt a lot during these 5 weeks. Thank you for having provided me with all the needed tools, resources, and skills that will enable me make my dream come true, namely: a ChangeMaker; my strong passion is empowering youth and girls, and develop my community. AfricanChangeMakersFellowship, I love you forever. IamtheChangeAFRICA. Thank you. If allowed, I am willingly to recommend this program.
TOUTOU Habib Brel – Republic of Congo

I am very excited to have been picked to take part in this program. It has been so inciteful. Thank you so much #AfricanChangemakers I am proud.
Uyanwune Ifunanya – Nigeria

#ACTeam has created a change in me, equipped me with the best tools to help my people in knowledge and being able to have different people sharing their knowledge and experience. Thumbs-up to all changemakers in Africa.
Miator Vululleh – Liberia

Taking these courses reinforced the things I already knew and prompted me to be proactive with the things I let slide. I am not only better prepared to stay committed to social impact, but I have gained positive energy to stay on track. I have also bonded with new people, who provide me the opportunity to share as well as learn. – Mimi Werna -Nigeria

If Africa must change, you and I have our parts to play. Especially the youth, we are the future that holds the frames through which Africa is being pictured and viewed. African ChangeMakers Fellowship program has set the pace for a new Africa with realizable vision and mission. – Timothy AKUJOBI – Nigeria


I’ve really enjoyed my time at African ChangeMakers Fellowship Program. So far, the online learning environment here greatly exceeded my expectations. I was somewhat nervous when I started the program because of my workload, but the staff in the online learning center made the transition very smooth. I would highly recommend African ChangeMakers Fellowship Program to anyone who is looking to advance their entrepreneurial skills as all of the lesson that I have taken have been extremely valuable. – Antepueh Theresia Atem – Cameroon

My five weeks experience during the African ChangemakersFellowship Cohort 2 program has been very educative, enlightening and empowering. I have learnt a lot and have found the program to be professional as well as the courses very relevant and beneficial for our African countries and communities. I wish to highly commend the African ChangeMakers team for putting together an excellent program. Thank you.  – Ifeyinwa Chime – Nigeria

I have to say African ChangeMakers Fellowship program has really been good an experience for me. It’s exciting and very educative. It has taken my entrepreneurial ideas across continent. Thank you so much Changemakers Fellowship organizers and Admin.  – Yassin Hamed Adam Hamed -Sudan

African ChangeMakers Fellowship lessons has made me gained knowledge on social entrepreneurship which has motivated me to become a co-founder in starting up a center for social change and establishment of youths and disabled persons by making them gained scholarships and exhibit their potentials in the fulfillment of destiny. Now, project management, how to woo funders, mentorship, leadership skills and the power of planning has been built in me for a change in mindset and advancement in career development.

I am glad to be part of the African ChangeMakers program it was very educating user friendly and interactive I recommend it for all African aspiring leaders
Omeje Hillary Ikenna- Nigeria

The African ChangeMakers Fellowship provide Africans who are keen to be the difference they want to see in their society with the right tools, knowledge and network require to do so. I am glad I get the opportunity to be mentored through this initiative. – APATA, Abdulazeez Kayode – Nigeria

The five weeks training was indeed a capacity building. The lessons I learnt from program management and pitching have helped me and the team am managing to have a cordial team relationship, and we have been able to achieve our target within a short period of time. Thank you for the opportunity.  
Awa Kindness -Nigeria

It was a great pleasure to be part of the cohort and the programs, I really appreciated to be in such a wonderful and educative platform and all the time we have been interacting was very educative and fruitful. Thank you very much for the opportunity. – Hamidou Manneh – Gambia


My experience as an African ChangeMakers Fellow is certainly a life-changing experience. Forever grateful to the African ChangeMakers team.
Enongene-Kome Constance Mejang -Cameroon

ACFellowship program is the best online fellowship I have experienced. With the provision of adequate and important learning materials, I have been able to learn new global practices on leadership and social sector right from the comfort of my home. I encourage ACFellowship to keep up the good work.
Onafeso Oluwatimilehin – Nigeria

These past weeks have been weeks of transformation for me. I have been equipped with skills and knowledge to cause a positive change to this continent, my Africa. Thank you ACFellowship team for the privilege to network and connect with other ChangeMakers. This experience will remain indelible in my heart. 
 Godstime Opone – (Nigeria)

I am so honored to be part of this great initiative. As a person living with disability it is not quite easy at time to be part of such program, I feel blessed and honored, I really learnt a lot, specially how to build up a business model canvas, all the materials you send to us are really helpful to undertake everything and become a successful change maker agent within our community and in the world at large. Thank you so much ACFellowship organizers for this wonderful opportunity.

It has been a thrilling journey from day one. When I was admitted into the program, I had no idea what to expect! However, it has been a marvelous journey, learning new principles and creating a network across Africa. This has come in handy. been able to share ideas, get feedback and inspire one another. African ChangeMakers has provided a family for me. I feel at home because I interact with people who share a passion with me. To my fellow cohort mates, it is just the beginning and to the next cohort, grab this opportunity like it is your last because it will change you forever. – Innocent Wakida – Uganda

An excellent programme – I learnt a lot. I am inspired to rethink the way I plan and present my work. A very high pedagogical standard. The course was excellent for someone like me. Thanks for all your great work and your dedication to sharing / teaching the rest of us. Hats off to African ChangeMakers crew. Well done! — Mary Abutu – Nigeria

African ChangeMakers Fellowship Program do not only provide a wide range of leadership and social change training, but I am intrigued by how #AfricanChangeMakers made the training sessions participatory, inclusive for all and created an atmosphere for participants to meet each other, network and tackle societal problems within the training timeline. This encompasses the power of digital and physical method of grassroot mobilization and participation in social development. – Oluwaferanmi Adeyemo – Nigeria

The African ChangeMakers Fellowship is a laudable human capital development project which has contributed to my personal and professional growth. The modules taught were relevant and helpful. The sets of weekly assignments were highly brain tasking and thoughts sharpening, through which I was able to articulate my opinions, ideas, and vision in clearer terms. As a cohort 2 fellow, I certify the fellowship worthy of recommendations to teeming other Africans to participate in. – Johnson Oluseyi Adigun – Nigeria.

African ChangeMakers Fellowship is beyond online program for me. It’s a personal and professional development for me. – Agboluaje Ridwan OlusojiNigeria

I am grateful for the wonderful opportunity given by African ChangeMakers Fellowship Program. These five weeks have been awesome, insightful and knowledgeable. I have learnt so much from pitching and social entrepreneurship. God bless Africa. #Iamthechange

ACFellowship program has exposed me to great knowledge of leadership, Entrepreneurship and mentorship. with the knowledge acquired. I can now mentor and manage a business of my own. Thanks to ACFellowship Team. God bless Africa – Dafeyerakpo Gloria -Nigeria

I want to thank from the bottom of my heart the whole team of African ChangeMakers for this rich and exciting experience. My expectations have been met, and even beyond. Really, thank you. I dare to believe that we, this rising youth, will make the difference and make Africa shine beyond expectations. In this radiant change for Africa, I believe it. And hand in hand, we will get there! – GOGA Yaovi Edem Joel -TOGO

Thank you, African ChangeMakers for this opportunity. I am humbled to be part of this cohort to learn about civic leadership and mentorship, project management etc. It is a wonderful experience, bringing together the youth across Africa to share ideas, network and learn. African ChangeMakers is a shared opportunity for learning and growth.
Abdul Mutalabi Halimatu – Ghana

The greatest thing for any resilient girl burning to thrive from the norm, is the word ‘congratulations!’. That is already a full energy and a reason to keep winning. Being selected for the cohort 2 meant that I was already doing something for the betterment of my country Kenya, and Africa at large. It is an agile feeling and forever elated. I stand indebted, always!
Faith M. Mutheu – Kenya

A very big thanks to the brains behind this program. Who organized this well-structured educating sessions, where African minds are been prepared for the future with excellent leadership skills and transferable skills. This is the change Africa needs. – Nwakuba EzinneN – Nigeria 

These past five weeks training as an African ChangeMakers is a life changing phase I have ever experienced, to be among continental gathering of various talents and dreams of young African leaders to share and promote Africa. #Africanchangemakers is a great energy in the right direction
Ilesanmi Olalekan (Nigeria)

ACFellowship has thought me that social entrepreneur is the best and the only way to be successful in life. This training changed my thinking that having challenges in your business will not make you fall it will only make you to re-strategies and plan well. Thank you, African ChangeMakers for choosing me to be part of this golden opportunity. – Aminat Oshin -Nigeria 

Visionaries without strategic tools for planning, project management nor the leadership skills to turn ideas a reality can’t really demonstrate much impact nor convince/sale their ideas to fundraising or support their investments. Part of which a great majority of African youths are not until programs like ACFELLOWSHIP evolves for effective transformation of a greater Africa.
Isah Rabiu – Nigeria

I extend my limitless thanks and appreciation to the hard-working African ChanageMakers Fellowship program cohort 2 Team. It is said that when you give value as a gift you will get value as a reward. African ChangeMakers Team give value as a gift to us through the lessons they send to us during the time of the training, shaping our understanding and it is really helpful to undertaking everything and become a successful changemaker agent within my community. As such, I shall do all I can to raise the flag of African ChangeMakers in my Country. Long live African ChangeMakers.
Gbanyan Sumo -Liberia

I started this course with barely an idea of some of the things I wanted to achieve. Participating in this course has helped me define some of my goals especially in identifying how I had always wanted to become a social entrepreneur. The materials have become a part of my schedule almost each day I refer to as a reminder. I’ve been able to put into place a project plan and working with my coach. I am working on creating a change in the African Technology Sector. Been a tedious journey considering the fact I work but it has helped develop my skills in planning, strategy and actual implementation. In years to come, I will always refer to the lessons learnt at African Changemakers. – TOSIN ANNA TOYE – NIGERIA

I must say it to the world that Africans are taking deliberate actions to address some of the pressing issues in continent. Through African ChangeMakers cohort 2 thousand of change movers has been nurtured. I’ve been informed and empowered through the well-structured and educative course modules ranging from “Power of Planning to Leadership, Mentorship and Civic Engagement”. This period of 5 weeks has been transformative for me and I’m sure it will go a long way in making impact in my community. Thank you, the African ChangeMakers team for this great privilege. – Adesanya Adetayo Ayodele – Nigeria

This African ChangeMakers Fellowship has been extremely instrumental to my knowledge base. I found the teachings and materials extremely helpful to my organizational growth and personal development.

Thank you so much ACFellowship Team. The journey has been super and exciting and enjoyable. The program was furthermore so educative, informative and enjoyable. I promise to use all the skills gained to develop myself and my community. This was such an amazing opportunity. Thank you so much ACFellowship team. – Suwaga Khalfan – Kenya

I wish to testify that, the African ChangeMakers Fellowship Program is a great learning platform. As an entrepreneurship trainer and Mentor, I have learned new methods and skills in entrepreneurship and mentorship. I have really learnt a different training approaches and this will help me deliver above expectation. I thank the African ChangeMakers team for this life time opportunity. 

Blessed is me who had the chance of being selected to participate for this training. I have really enjoyed the course materials from week 1 to week 5, so helpful in my daily activities. The power of planning and leadership were awesome to me. My wish is that we could find a way of making the alumni strong by meeting from our respective regions and share experience. Thanks for the organisers. This is Africa we want!! – Ntakirutimana Jean Marie – Rwanda

I humbly wish to thank the African ChangeMakers Team for the opportunity provided me 5 weeks ago and those that will come in the future. The 5 weeks have been exciting and has given me an insight into various pertinent topics on entrepreneurship. I have also been able to build capacity on proposal writing and pitching and I think this capacity will help me excel whenever I have the opportunity to pitch my idea. Thank you very much for all you have done for young Africans and continue to do more for the Continent. Good luck to the team and good luck to all who took part on this year’s ACFellowship Cohort 2, 2018 and I pledge to do more for my continent to extend your good works. 
Ntoko Franz Ajebe Munge – Cameroon

Many thanks to the AC Team, l have learnt a lot from the detailed modules, l liked the transition of the modules and the timely feedback. Am now a changed person, if am to rank myself am at 98% and ready to change Africa.
Nakitto Hadijjah from Uganda

I have been studying severally on project management and am even working as a project coordinator with an NGO but I have not gotten this grill like the way #AfricanChangemakers grilled me with undiluted great knowledge, experience and understanding on this particular course. #AfricanChangeMakers is a group of people with a heart of gold that believes in equipping young people and great minds with skills, knowledge of change to make Africa and its environs a better place for our generation. #AfricanChangemakers has empower me with the best kind of weapon to assist my communities and young people around me with great knowledge to able to have different people coming together to share our knowledge and expertise in bring positive change to Africa. Thank you African ChangeMakers, for making me have a feel of change and for showing me how I and my fellow great minds can bring change to everyone in our community and our nation as a whole. Thank you for bringing us together and for giving us the opportunities to advocate for the positive change.

This laudable program has given me opportunity to become a better me in the entrepreneurship journey, I have never had it so deep like this since have started this cause. This affords me opportunity to be more prepared as I move forward in this journey of life. Many thanks to Africa Change Makers team for this wonderful opportunity, together we will build Africa of our dream. Long live Africa
Isaiah Ayodele OGUNDARE – Nigeria

I actually want to say a big thank you to the organizers of this great platform, it has truly been an icebreaker for me, connected me to hundreds of people to network and make new friends irrespective of borders and geographic locations, it has overhauled my perception on African and leadership and finally made me understand entrepreneurship and job creating techniques.
Okafor Innocent Okwudili -Nigeria

The African ChangeMakers Fellowship programme is very detailed and comprehensive. It covers everything you need to know to champion and facilitate change not just in Africa but in the world. I had a great experience.
Temitope Oluleye -Nigeria

Having an opportunity to participate in African ChangeMakers Program has widen my mind and molded me with unique skills that I could not find anywhere in my career. I am proud to be part of the program and hope to impact my society with the knowledge acquired. Thank you, African ChangeMakers Programs for selecting me for this program.  – EVELINE ONDITI – TANZANIA

The African ChangeMakers Fellowship program has indeed been a blessing and an eye-opener for me so far. I have read, learnt, understood and applied wisdom I got from this program that went on for 5 weeks. It is a privilege, really. If possible, I would love to have another platform from this prestigious Fellowship as educative as this one. – Chukwuka Chukwudum Peter – Nigeria 

In the journey of becoming a social entrepreneur, I have learned things never taught in class. The course has unleashed my potential towards changing Africa in socioeconomic aspects. – Amina Ahmed – Tanzania

The African ChangeMakers fellowship program has challenged me to think and step out of the box, and grow and so ignited the passion in me for the transformation and development of my community. 
Sylvia Channa – Uganda 

The online program of African ChangeMakers Fellowship was very detailed, updated and informative; each module exposed me to things I never knew and broadened my scope on what I knew. It was great that I was able to log in on my schedule to take my classes and complete my assignments.  I could participate in a discussion from anywhere!  My online courses were surprisingly interactive.  We had weekly discussions and everyone participated regularly.  I almost feel like I got to know my classmates better than I do in a regular classroom because we all shared ideas and experiences. – Sebastiane Ebatamehi – Nigeria


I received a mail that I was selected for ACFELLOWSHIP Cohort, I was overwhelmed with joy and happiness.  Thank you ACFELLOWSHIP organizers for this wonderful opportunity given me to be part of this beautiful change. The fellowship totally exceeded my expectations in every way. I was challenged more than I anticipated and formed new and beautiful connections across the world. I feel each of us has been empowered and inspired to be better versions of ourselves and are burning with passion and enthusiasm to bring light to the world. I have learnt so much in the last 5 weeks and I look forward to working with you in the future. I am happy I am the change Africa needs.
#ACFELLOWSHIP   #ACFELLOW2018   #AfricaChangeMakers.
Rebecca Abanka (Nigeria)

The fellowship has been an eye opener for me. The 5 weeks have exposed me to several areas of development which I had not paid close attention to for quite a while. Now I can feel good while I do good. Africa will be better for it!

I so very much appreciate this wonderful and insightful fellowship program, with the rich materials and videos, the five weeks spent were so great and knowledge filled.  A whole lot was learnt that fully equips one as a real change agent for just five weeks. I am proud and happy being a partaker of this fellowship.
Ngobonsong Enock Banglis – Cameroon

First of all, thanks a lot for this idea, I wish you the best for the next. My testimonial is around course, it was a good experience with the courses, video and some figures such Aliko Dangote. So, I need a face to face with Dangote if it is possible to connect with him.
Pierre Chanel BANGBANG KULUKULU – Democratic Republic of Congo

This program makes me to value community service and deepens my belief that serves to humanity is the best work of life.
Abdulsalam Kamara – Sierra Leone

I am so happy to be a member of African ChangeMakers, being connected with another people of different culture is the best thing that happen in my life, sharing some experience is so good to know and also making friends with others. The most important thing is the knowledge received from the courses provided to us, I am very grateful to being selected, once again thank you, because of you there are many things that impact my life positively. I can now know with conviction that I am a leader.

It was good to take part in a program that involved so many African youth from different countries, different cultures and values but all working towards one goal of making their communities better. I am glad to have learned what social entrepreneurship is and what I can do to become a better leader. Thank you. 
Aisha Nakimuli Lubwama Zawedde – Uganda

I wish to use this opportunity to thank the African ChangeMakers Team. Firstly, for selecting me for this program that has challenged me both professionally and personally. Through this program, I have gained experience, excellent knowledge on how to develop a strategic plan, how to do pitching and funding, entrepreneurship, mentoring among others. I have been empowered with skills and knowledge that have changed my worldview. I am glad to see the organizers pushing hard and impacting lives even when this initiative is not funded. I hope and pray that as time goes on, the team will be able to find sponsors who will fund this project and help impact the lives of many Africans. I promise that with the knowledge gained, I will share with other youths and continue to create a wave of change in Africa. Thanks to all the African Change Makers Team. Keep Impacting lives.
Abdul Karim Mutawakil – Ghana

I have been involved in other professional development programs but African ChangeMakers has opened my eyes and enabled me adopt to the reading and researching culture that I never had due to its constant reading materials and assignments, these have enabled me get new knowledge and ideas.

African ChangeMakers Fellowship program is a great initiative. I have learned a lot from the program in terms of content, but most importantly I learnt to discipline myself when it comes to reading on my own and finding information.
Elizabeth N. Haidula – Namibia

ACFellowship programme has delivered beyond my imagination as it has made available to me all necessary tools needed for me to become a complete leader and not just a manager. I am better informed, equipped and established as a leader. I am the change Africa.
Olowookere, Emmanuel Oluwatomi – Nigeria 

African ChangeMakers Fellowship Program is more than an experience, its an opportunity every African should take advantage of. 
Kolawole Onakomaiya – Nigeria

The African Changemakers Fellowship Program is one that I will recommend to all. It has exposed me to other aspects of my skills. I now am able to confidently go about activities with due care so as to ensure an effective outcome. All should participate in the African Changemakers Fellowship, for it is one of the platforms doing its bit to enhance the capacities of African Youth. 
Eugene Nimapau Oppong – Ghana

I have always had an inner conviction that I was meant for so much more to be difference that the world needs. African ChangeMakers has provided the stepping stone that I have always wished for. Thank you, African ChangeMakers for imparting these skills in me. The past five weeks have been a lot of learning experience and I am confident I will be that changemaker Africa needs.
Lute Phiri – Zambia 

Before embarking on this journey, I never knew that the Africa continent has all the natural resources and the most youthful continent in the world. This an interesting fact known to few people. The African Continent has the potential to raise on the international scene and I am happy African Changemakers Fellowship is helping me in that new adventure. I have learnt a lot from all the modules and still on the learning curve. #IAMANAFRICANCHANGEMAKER

I pen down the following quote: – “Ubuntu ngumtu ngabanye abantu” (“A person is a person through other people”)
Tirumoogum (Anjinsen) Valamootoo — Mauritius

I am humbled and honored to have been selected to be part of the African ChangeMakers Cohort 2 program.  The program is quite comprehensive, informative and very informative. I can testify that my leadership skills have been strengthened and over the past few weeks I have been equipped with a broader understanding of topics as such Business Models, Project Management, Fundraising and Civic participation amongst others. In addition, I have also gained innovative ideas which will be applied in my current work as I continue to promote and drive sustainable change for the young people in Namibia. Moreover, the program has inspired me tremendously to pursue my aspiration of starting up my own social enterprise to serve the youth, promote sustainable development and become a civically engaged in community affairs while addressing immense challenges facing the Namibian people. 
Helena Veico – Namibia

As a result of the 5 weeks I’ve had with #AfricaChagemakers, I have grown to fully understand the relationship of Africa and how I can make it a better place for the now and future to come. Thanks a bunch for this wonderful experience.
Zomu Joshua Yashim – Nigeria 

This program has been one of the most thought-provoking program and mentorship fellowship program I have been in so far. It stimulates and brings out the social entrepreneur in you. – Richard Kitsi – Ghana.

I thank African ChangeMakers for giving me the chance to be part of this amazing team. Indeed, it’s a new dawn for African and have been made new, better and equipped. With this knowledge, skills and experience I will never be the same again. I promise to give this back to my community, my country and Africa at large. May God Bless African ChangeMakers Team and Africa at Large. FOREVER TEAM AFRICA. – Jacinta Mwania – Kenya

My being part of the African ChangeMakers Cohort 2 was such a great experience. I have learnt a lot through weekly assignments and through my colleagues’ responses. Above it all, it has provided me with a network of developmental friends. Am so glad having been part of the fellowship. 
Nansubuga Catherine – Uganda 

The Africa ChangeMakers Fellowship is one of the most practical training experiences that I have ever had. The networking is massive, such that you cannot easily forget the experience. I am grateful to AC for giving to the opportunity.
Oluwadamilare Oladotun – Nigeria

It has been a very intensive 5 weeks for me. But I am happy to announce that this program is an eye opener to me from having an idea to its development and implementation. I really learnt a-lot. I sincerely thank the organisers and sponsors of this program. – Grace Oluchi Amachree (Nee Agbo) – Nigeria.

I am a social entrepreneur and a teacher, I am working on goal 4 of the sustainable development goals, which is Quality Education. I am grateful to be part of the African ChangeMakers Fellowship, Cohort 2. I thank the organizers of this program for the wonderful opportunity given to me to develop my leadership and entrepreneurial skills free of charge without paying any fee, I am more better than I use to be as a result of this great program, we need more selfless people like ACF organizers, and am calling on the world to help fund this program to enable Africans to keep developing themselves through African Change Makers Fellowship, so that we can Jointly move the continent forward. Long live African Change Makers Fellowship, long live Africa.
Mary Abetang Achenushure – Nigeria

African Changemakers provides and equipped me with tool and resources needed to solve a social issue, and for that, it an opportunity of a lifetime for changemaker.
Olalekan Agboluaje – Nigeria

African ChangeMakers Fellowship Program has been the highlight of my year. The lessons I have learnt in these five weeks would stay with me forever, it opened my eyes to so many things. Organized and very informative, this is truly a program for leaders, I enjoyed every bit of it. I’m so glad for such an opportunity. God bless!!
Akudinobi Minella – Nigeria

Being selected as part of the second cohort was an honour done me. To interact online without physical contact seemed at first as though it was not achievable but when the program began it was so much fun and worth every time learning or doing an assignment. The other aspect of interacting with other participants online and finally coming together to undertake a project was great and gave me so much fulfillment helping young people in an area I want to branch into. Lastly, I am proud being an ACFellow and the knowledge gained will be of great gain and use for my business and subsequent projects. God Bless
Selassie Ameko – Ghana


Africa is one of the most beautiful and blessed continents, endowed with vast natural resources. Yet its vast population is wallowing in deep poverty. Africa has so much to offer to her people. All what must be done is to change Africa and make it what it should be. Many thanks indeed to African ChangeMakers for the amazing opportunity to be part of this fantastic course. The program has tremendously helped me a lot in improve my leadership skills. I would be definitely grateful for all eternity and I am gladly looking forward to work with you in a very near future. I am honored that African ChangeMakers has made me to be that specific change which Africa needs most! #ACFellowship #ACFellow2018 #AfricanChangemakers. – Kassian T.T. AMESHO (Namibia)

Being an African ChangeMakers Fellowship is one of the best things to have happened to me in recent times. In just five weeks I have been taught how to plan, how to successfully be an entrepreneur, how to manage a project, how to pitch for funding and also about leadership mentorship and my civic responsibilities. It’s all been so awe inspiring. I just want to also use this medium to thank the organisers of this noble cause. God bless you all.
Elizabeth Annam – Nigeria

African Changemakers Fellowship has really enlightened me about being a leader in a whole within these five weeks intensive online training preparing me for the outside world and making me fit into every leadership and entrepreneurial positions and also disrupting the status quo.
Winnand Dela Asigbey – Ghana

They say everything happens for a reason. Africa ChangeMakers fellowship was an opportunity that I needed right now. The five weeks course was an amazing eye opener has I had an opportunity to learn and reflect on myself and what is next in my life to change Africa. I am forever grateful for the wonderful opportunity. – Margaret Atieno Okoth – Kenya

Thank you, African ChangeMakers Fellowship Program team, for giving me this opportunity. The past 5 weeks have been a life changing experience for me and I am not the same. I have learned a lot and I will put the new knowledge gained into practice. – Marjorie Chipofya – Malawi

The ACFellowship has surpassed my expectation, it took me through an interesting journey of knowledge and power, with each lesson I looked forward to the next! It broadened my horizon and prepared me on how to impact my community. Thank you #ACFellowship team for this opportunity!
Hafsat Sahabi Dange – Nigeria

African ChangeMakers Fellowship is the right opportunity for young people of Africa who are looking for a platform to hone their skills for their contribution to the change they want to see in Africa. It is a rewarding experience for me being a member of the second cohort where we have learnt that as we wade through the day to day act of change leadership in our communities, sometimes without recognition and encouragement, we should not despair. Instead we have to realize that our contributions to Africa is helping someone somewhere including ourselves. – Abdul Rahman M. Kowa – Sierra Leone

The Past five weeks has been intensive and I want to say that I am honoured to be a member of the Cohort 2 of this fellowship program. It has been very wonderful, educative, and inciting experience. Hats-off to all the ACF Team members for s splendid job well done.
Samuel James Kpartor – Liberia

It has really been a helpful programme with so many helpful documents to assist one understand. It has given me a deeper insight in some area which I have never explored more especially the Entrepreneurship and Pitching. I am better than I was previously – Chikondi Violet Mlozi, Malawi

What a journey! Thank you ACFellowship team for this outstanding opportunity. I am forever grateful to be selected among the African changeMakers candidates who all share one dream; making Africa a better place. Enthusiastic, educational amazing program. I’ve learned so much. God bless you.
Nashwa Mohammed – Sudan

I want to thank African ChangeMakers team for such an intense, educative and challenging program. I found myself truly in a school and at the same time in the real world. One thing I can say for sure my life, my community my nation will never be the same because I am a changemaker. Thanks very much AC team.
Makasieh Sandrine Musi – Cameroon

Thank you #ACTeam. The content you have shared is very resourceful, up-to-date and just the right thing. Let’s keep up the fronting the change we want to see in Africa.  – Roberto Mwamachi Mwashashu – Kenya

The program has been quite an informative and interactive platform discussing serious issues towards development. If all that is learnt is practiced, we will definitely witness a ripple effect in development and livelihood.
Rahim. M. Mwatsahu – Kenya

It has been wonderful and quiet an encouraging and interesting journey to be part of the team. May God bless the African ChangeMakers leadership for the wonderful job.
Charity Mwanjiwiri Ng’ombe – Malawi 

I am very much equipped with the knowledge I have learned through this programme. Every day I get to plan the growth of my enterprise while also working on how I can make an impact in my community. Thank you so much to the woman behind African ChangeMakers and her team. The programme can also be used for a greater purpose as we are in the era of reviving Africans.
Patience Ngwenya – South Africa

It has been a long week for me but I still don’t want it the program to end. It has been five weeks of an interesting experience and exposure with the African ChangeMakers Fellowship Team.  Very educative, so engaging and informative. Thank you immensely ACFellowship team for this power packed program. It was a world-class experience for me and I recommend all Africans but young and old to apply for and participate in the 2019 Cohort program.
Obiya, Williams Obinna – Nigeria

African ChangeMakers fellowship is one of the most practical training session I have been through. Lecture notes are simplified and practical, the exercises forces you to think of practical life issues and how to deal with identified problem in the community. The additional materials and videos are worth it. I have become more knowledgeable especially in the aspect of designing a business model and running a business. The training was worth it.
Odedere Aanuoluwapo Abolaji – Nigeria

African ChangeMakers fellowship is a game-changer for the continent’s youth. The course content has carefully selected and you can see a deliberate effort by the organizing team to provide the most relevant and up to date information to help equip the fellows with skills necessary for the socio-economic transformation of the continent.
Thomas Joseph Odero – Kenya

The five weeks fellowship program is a life-saving and eye opener. Before now I always thought I know what it takes to run a social enterprise and lead, little did I know that I know nothing. The lessons and assignments have helped me know that more still need to be done.  
Olatunde Olabisi Hawwau – Nigeria

The best way to express my feelings about African ChangeMakers fellowship is to say it’s a connection platform where ideas meets opportunities. It’s been intriguing, exciting and above all very educative.
Darlinton Onyenehe – Nigeria

ACFellowship has equipped with the skills and knowledge I need to make well informed decisions and plan strategically to achieve my set goals.
Patricia Quaye – Ghana

I thank the ACFellowship team for the opportunity to learn from brilliant minds and contribute to the development of my country. The platform has helped me to build networks and gotten connected with people, I would have struggled to connect on my own. The course modules have given me insight and improved my entrepreneur skills. I am so grateful to participate in this program. I will not hesitate to share any opportunity that comes my way. 
#ACFellowship2018 #ACFellowshipcohort2   #AfricanChangeMaker.
Mavis Seidu – Ghana

During this training, I learned many things I didn’t know, I would take the time to share this knowledge with my family and friends as a thank you. African ChangeMakers fellowship has demonstrated that an effective online program can be carried out effectively. Every course on this platform is nothing short of a masterpiece. African ChangeMakers fellowship has not only sharpened my skills as a social entrepreneur but has made me interact with great minds across the African continent.  – NDIPHO TATOU Christian Kitchener -Cameroon

Thank you ACFellowship program, this has been fantastic to me, I will do all I can to share what I learnt with all the youth with in my reach, I would recommend other fellows to do the same and this will boost youth development in Africa.
Wilson Arinzirwe – Uganda

I have had the opportunity of participating in many different types of online courses, but the African ChangeMakers Fellowship is unique, organized by Africans for Africans to provide solutions for Africa. The knowledge acquired remain with us, the experiences shared, network of like-minded, the whole event memories lingers. Thank you to the ACFellowship team we remain grateful for the opportunity and promised to be good ambassadors of the program.
Salisu Aminu Kakeyi – Nigeria

I feel honoured to have been selected for ACFellows Cohort 2, it was time well spent I want to take this opportunity to thank the AC Team for grooming us as African leaders who will impact our world now with right information that is needed to build us to become better leaders. I want to say Africa will never be the same with such great wealth of knowledge that we where enriched. Although the 5 weeks Program was intense, it was very much educative and gave me a lot of time to do an introspect of my self to see where I am when it comes to topics that we are learning and they where very relevant to us, I am now privileged to become an African ChangeMakers alumni who will continue to share African ChangeMakers everywhere I go. I  definitely push every youth in my country to enroll with African ChangeMakers. I wish to continue building a network of African changeMakers. Long live 
Vusumuzi Ndlovu-ACFellow Cohort 2 (Zimbabwe)