ACLeads Meet-Ups by ACFellows Cohort 1

View ACLeads Meet-Ups organized by ACFellows Cohort 1, 2018 across Africa during their ACFellowship Program 2018. ACLeads Meet-Ups are event fostering in-person connections of changemakers and innovators, meeting face-to-face to discuss communities social/business issues, ways to tackle them with innovative solutions which they embarked on to make real change, progress and impact across Africa and beyond. ACLeads Forum brings people together as a way of strengthening communities, networking, collaboration and leveraging on each other skills, potentials and creating opportunities to pitch ideas, give awards, workshops and open doors of opportunities to Africa gateway to development. Click on each picture banner below to view all the pictures and events that took place. Happy viewing.

African Changemakers Fellows 2018 (ACFellows, Cohort 1, 2018) telling the world why they are the change for Africa development, the face and hope of Africa and they have what it takes to effect changes in their various communities and countries. How will you not be moved by each person’s statement to support or surprise them with opportunities to make their hopes and aspiration for Africa a reality. We will not change AFRICANS for the world, but we will change the world for AFRICA. AFRICA is rising within as AFRICANS takes the destiny of their continent in their hands supporting each other. Click on picture banner to view all

You can also view it on Facebook –ACLeads Meet-Up Pictures: