ACLeads Travel/Hotel Info

For all individual, groups or organizations travelling to Lagos, Nigeria to attend ACLeads, here are some handy information to help guide you.

  • Travel Visas: – You are responsible for your visas processing and fees.
  • Yellow Card: Make sure you have with you and travel with your yellow immunization card for entry into Nigeria.
  • Travel by Road: Use reliable transportation and logistics company with safety and comfort at the heart of their service. Be ready to pay border fees in some cases.
  • Travel by Air: You are responsible for your return airline tickets and associated fees.
  • Transport from Airport to Hotel: Make advance arrangement for your airport pick-up and drop-off ahead of time for peace of mind and safety.
  • Some Recommended Transport Companies – Uber Nigeria  – Taxify
  • Hotel Accommodation: Here is list of some recommended hotels based on proximity to event venue. – Protea Hotel-Ikeja, Lagos – Renaissance Hotel