Who is African Changemakers Community Leader – ACcommunity Leader?

African Changemakers Community Leaders (ACcommunity Leader) are passionate individuals who are committed to organizing and mobilizing  people to be change agent in their community by working on different social innovations for people’s benefit.

Do you consider yourself a leader? Do you have a passion for bringing people together, technology and education? Do you want to gain valuable skills while volunteering to support a rapidly expanding organization? AC Community Leader role is designed to help you realize your vision for the future, help you establish valuable connections, and teach you the current workforce skills needed to pursue your educational and professional goals with a head start, all while being a mentor and colleague to other people in your city, state and country!

The ACcommunity Leader gives passionate African people the experience of being an active participating volunteer at African Changemakers for their city, state and country. ACcommunity Leader will take part in planning conferences, designing programs, recruiting volunteers, learning and teaching a variety of educational material and many other activities centered around the goals of the organization. Above all, a core component of being a ACcommunity Leader is that you are an ambitious African person, with a passion for education and a willingness to be a mentor and coach to your peers.

ACcommunity Leader will gain valuable experience through learning opportunities, hands-on experience, leadership development, coaching and mentoring, and training in 21st century workforce skills. ACcommunity Leader makes a commitment to volunteer a set number of hours per month and to participate in African Changemakers educational programs as support staff or event leads.


Some ACcommunity Leader Role.

  • African Changemakers Leadership (ACLeads) Forum: Fostering in-person connections, ACLeads Forums are small to large meet-ups event of African Changemakers meeting face-to-face to discuss their community social and business issues, ways to tackle it with innovative solutions which they embarked on to make real change, progress and impact. ACLeads Forums bring people together in-person as a way of strengthening community fostering networking, collaboration and leveraging on each other skills, potentials and creating opportunities to pitch their ideas to other changemakers who will give them honest free advice, feedback and open doors of opportunities for ideas to launch or expand.
  • Encourage your community to connect with African Changemakers all social media network.
  • Announce and recruit people for ACFellowship Program from your community
  • Create opportunity for African Changemakers in your community.
  • The coordination of community meetups, engagement and other moving parts.
  • Identify people in your community to receive African Changemakers Awards.
  • Community Leader link local, people, programs, and resources to African Changemakers.
  • Community Leader assist in recruiting, training and organizing African Changemakers to volunteer at their placement community.
  • A community Leader helps build, grow and manage an African Changemakers communities in their city and state.


ACcommunity Leader Activities

  • Organize ACLeads Event
  • Africa Volunteering Week August 12-18 Every year.
  • Organize online social media chat
  • Recommend all African Changemaker social media channels
  • And much more

    Are you interested in  championing an African Changemakers Community in your city,town, district or stateExample: African Changemakers – Abuja, NOT African Changemakers – Nigeria
    African Changemakers – Nairobi, NOT African Changemakers – Kenya

    Please check African Changemakers Community Directory for all city, town or state community before fill-out the application to avoid community duplication. African Changemakers Community Application Form at https://goo.gl/forms/18v85U0VItBJuvim2

    Please direct all questions to community@africanchangemakers.org