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Abayomi Olaitan

“I am so pumped with the immerse valuable knowledge just received from the African ChangeMakers initiative programme. It was beyond my expectations because I was wondering how an online programme will level up with onsite programme. This program has exposed me to a whole lot of things, from leadership to networking and success in one’s career path. I have been hearing of cover letters, I didn’t know how it looked like but now I can even teach someone how to write one. It was an awesome experience. This programme is contributing to the development of young Africans in immerse number of ways and I will definitely recommend it for anybody willing to develop themselves personally, build their leadership skills and build a successful career.” – Abayomi Olaitan, Nigeria.

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David Adeleye

It has been a blessing and a privilege to be a part of this awesome program. My expectations were exceeded tremendously with the rich and enlightening content, and the invaluable information I have been equipped with would certainly have a great impact on my career and my goals for the future.”
David Adeleye, Nigeria

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Boucar Kama

It was a great opportunity for me to be part of this fruitful program. You are doing a great job guys for Africa to change. You really deserve a lot. I have learnt a lot from the documents you sent me during these five weeks program that will probably enable me to impact more positively on my community, nation, Africa and the world. Your job is really fantastic and deserves great support from Africa head of states and governments for a better Africa. Long live #AfricanChangeMakers. God bless you! – Boucar KAMA – Senegal

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Omoding Geoffrey

The African proverb goes “You only think your mother is the best cook until you venture out.” So is the experience with the African ChangeMakers Fellowship – you only think you know a lot until you learn from the best. This has been my experience from being in the African Changemakers Fellowship.
Omoding Geoffrey-Uganda

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Philip Kirme Velshik

#ACiFellowship has proven to be a critical tool in building and shaping Africa’s next generation of innovative future leaders in different spheres. It’s been a wholesome experience going through five uninterrupted weeks of rigorous but rich online resources cutting across different dimensions of entrepreneurship and leadership development. With proper guidance, support and mentorship, African youths are ready to make the difference any day any time. I really appreciate the lessons learned and the networking relationships build across board. Viva Africa! I am proud, I am challenged. Long Live African Changemakers. – Philip Kirme Velshik – ACiFellow Cohort 2 (Nigeria).