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Our Mantra: Catch them Young, Leaders of Today, not Tomorrow.


July 15- July 21, 2018.

#ACMentorship2018     #SuperChargeYourAbility

Join us on African Changemakers Community Facebook Page and Group and other social media channels for both Pre-Event & Post Event of African Changemakers Mentorship (ACMentorship). Remember to use the following Hashtags below when posting on social media channels or following all event updates and news.

#ACMentorship2018     #SuperChargeYourAbility

   #MENtoringBOYS          #WOMENtoringGIRL     #MentoringYouth

ACMentorship Host/Organizers Instructions.

– Create a Facebook Invite Event group title African Changemakers Mentorship (ACMentorship) about your ACMentorship activities and provide the event link/URL in your application registration at

– Invite Mentors and Mentees to attend your ACMentorship activities/event for your community.

– Use all branded ACMentorship branded materials below for your event page/activities branding for global uniformity. (AC Logo, AC Banner, AC Poster, T-shirt etc)

– Join and invite mentors and mentees to all African Changemakers social media channels below to learn about more opportunities.

Facebook Page:
       Facebook Group:


– Use ACMentorship Program hashtags for during all your events #ACMentorship2018     #SuperChargeYourAbility for everyone to follow and re-post your event.

– Take lots of pictures, videos during your ACMentorship event/activities and share with us and the world at

– Write an article about your ACMentorship activities/event summarizing the great impact you made for publication on African Changemakers website and social media platforms.

African Changemakers Logo Branding.



African Changemakers Mentorship Logo & Brand.



ACMentorship T-Shirts Branding



ACMentorship Posters & Banner